Assistant Professor,

Computer Engineering Department,

K. N. Toosi University of Technology




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I'm a faculty member of K. N. Toosi University of Technology. I enjoy working on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intelligent Information Retrieval (IIR), Data Intensive Computing and Big Data.




Software Engineering (GPA 18.7/20)

2004 – 2006


Artificial Intelligence (GPA 18.51/20)


B. Sc.

Software Engineering (GPA 17.96/20)


2015 - 2016

Operating Systems, Database System

2014 - 2015

Statistical Natural Language Processing, Operating Systems, Data Mining

2015 - 2016

Operating Systems, Database System

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TPC: An automatically generated comprehensive English-Persian parallel corpus

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Workshop: Statistical Machine Translation

S,Farzi, Heshaam Faili, 3rd National Computational linguistic Conferences2014, Tehran, Iran 2014

Using quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization for portfolio selection problem.

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Workshop: machine translation, Past, Present and Future

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Data Quality Measurement by Data mining techniques (In Persian)

S,Farzi, 11'th International CSI Computer Conference ,School of computer science , IPM, Tehran, Iran 2006


PNS:Persian News Summarizer
Rhtorical Structure Theory (RST) Corpus
Mdad:Student Protals
English-Persian Machine translator