• PhD in Telecommunications, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium, (15 May 2013)

• M.Sc. in Telecommunications, Fields and Waves, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN (June 2005)

• B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN (June 2002)

• High school Diploma, Nikan high school, Tehran, Iran (June 1998)


1. K.N.Toosi University of Technology (Sept. 2013 – to date)

- Position: Assistant professor, Deputy for industrial affairs, ECE faculty

- Courses: Bachelor: Differential Equations, Signals and Systems, Engineering Mathematics, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering,Master: Microwaves II, EMC, Seminars, Antenna-I

- Supervised Theses:

o One ongoing PhD student.

o 7 graduated M.Sc. students and 6 current students

2. PHD Research: “Conceptual Investigation of Digital Baseband Beam Steering for Tracking Applications”,

ISHS-II project, Design and implementation of electronic beam steering antenna arrays in collaboration with University of Stellenbosch (South Africa). (promoter: Prof. Guy Vandenbosch)(April 2008–September 2013)

- Co-supervising two M.Sc. theses in KULeuven:

David Rodriguez “Adaptive Beam Forming Algorithms for LEO Satellite” Defended in May 2010

Hantao Xu “Multiple Targets Tracing Using Digital Beam Forming Antenna Array for Space Applications” Defended in June 2011.

4. Teaching Assistantship in KU Leuven:

- P&O Telecommunication for Master students, spring 2010.

- P&O Telecommunication for Master students, spring 2011.

- P&O Telecommunication for Master students, spring 2012.

- Advance Antennas , spring 2012.

5- University of Tehran:

- Instructor of Microwave Lab of the University of Tehran, Fall 2004 – Summer 2007(8 semesters)

- Upgrading the Antenna Lab and Microwave Lab for ECE Dept. (Summer 2003, Summer 2005 – Fall 2006) (5 semesters)

- Teaching Assistant of Microwave Theory (I), University of Tehran ,Fall 2006

- Teaching Assistant of Antenna Theory (I), University of Tehran, spring 2003

- Teaching Assistant of Electronic II, University of Tehranspring 2001- fall 2002 (2 semesters)


1. Advisor for ISRC:Fall 2013 till now

2. Rabi Kosar Co.: Spring 2004 – Winter 2008,(part-time)

Yagi Antenna Design, Antenna Miniaturization, UWB Antennas, EMC Solutions, Passive Microwave Circuits Design.

2. SA. Iran research center: Fall 2002 - Summer 2004, (part-time)

3. IRIB Satellite Ground Station, R&D Engineer (part-time):Spring 2001-Summer 2002 Maintenance

4. ITRC (Iran Telecommunications Research Centre): R&am;D Engineer (part-time) Summer 2002 - Fall 2002 Antenna Designing & Optimization