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Birouni, one of the greatest Persian scientists in world history, 973-1048 CE









PhD Students (Supervisor)

Name Thesis Title Office Contact Info
Amin. PourMousavi
Low Carbon Generation Expansion Planning in Power Systems with Renewable Integration PSS Laboratory
Abbas Abdollahi
Power System Dynamics PSS Laboratory
Peyman Amirian
Cyber Attack Detection in EMS Systems of Smart Grids PSS Laboratory
Saleh Irandoost
System Frequency Support UsingRenewable Resources PSS Laboratory
Mohammad Zareein
HVDC Systems PSS Laboratory
Mojtaba Moradi
Hybrid HVDC/HVAC Expansion Planning in Power Systems under Renewable Penetration Graduated
Sadegh Kamali
Power System Controlled Islanding Considering Transient Stability and Uncertainties PDF Graduated
Mehrnoush Vatani
Passive Detection of Islanding in Active Distribution Networks Graduated

PhD Students (Advisor)

Name Thesis Title Office Contact Info
Hassan Golzari
Damping low frequency oscillations in power systems using emergency re-dispatch PSS Laboratory
Rasoul Asghari
Design of Delay-Scheduled Controllers for Damping Inter-Area Oscillations in Power Systems Graduated
Hamed Hasanvand
Coordinated design of PSS and TCSC to mitigate interarea oscillations in Power Systems Graduated

MSc Students

Name Thesis Title Name Thesis Title
S. Ahmadi
Optimal Setting of UVLS relays in Iran National Grid Considering Fault Induced Voltage Recovery S. Nafar-Khalaj
Loss of Synchronism Prediction using Deep Learning Technique
M. Asayesh
Security Constrained Transmission and Utility Scale Storage Planning T. Ostadi-Azari
Expansion Planning of Smart Microgrids
Behnaz. Kor
Under Voltage Load Shedding Considering Load Model M. Mahmoudnia
Frequency Stability Constrained Economic Dispatch Considering Frequency Support of Wind Turbines
Nima. Mahdavi
Controlled Network Islanding Under High Penetration of Renewable Resources A. Khajehgili
Resilience Constrained Transmission and Storage Expansion Planning with Renewable Resources
M. Rasoulpour
Loss of Field Protection in Synchronous Generators using Data Mining Techniques S. Kanani
Out of Step Detection in Synchronous Generators using Random Forest
F. Ghasemi
Energy Management in MicroGrids with Virtual Power Plants A. Alavi-Koosha
Desing of Under Frequency Load Shedding Relays Considering Frequency Capability Curve of Turbo-Generators
A. Abdollahi
Generation Expansion Planning Considering Frequency Stability Support Measures M. Nikpour
Generation Expansion Planning with Large Scale Energy Storage and Renewable Penetration
S. Mehri
Peak Load Forecasting Using Deep Learning Techniques S. Khorshidi
Directional Over-Current Protection in Microgrids
P. Amirian
Generation Expansion Planning In The Presence of Renewable Penetration Considering Production Simulation Meysam Mohammadi
Fault Locating in HVDC Transmission Lines Using Time-Frequency Methods
A. Darbandsari
Under Frequency Load Shedding In Low Inertia Networks E. Saadipour
Adapive Controlled Islanding Against Cascading Outages Using Phasor Measurement Data
S. Saberi
Security Constrained Unit Commitment Considering Frequency Stability Constraints H. Akbarzadeh
Generation Expansion Planning Considering Renewable Energy Penetration
M. Qorbani
Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Flexibility Requirements E. NaderMahmoudi
Dynamic Economic Dispatch under Flexible Ramp Requirements for Handling Wind Power Uncertainties
A. Rashidaee
Reliability Constrained Generation Expansion Planning Considering Loss of Load Probability M. Javadi
Mixed Integer Linear Model for Voltage Stability Constrained Load Shedding
S. Banijamali
Adaptive Under Frequency Load Shedding In Power Systems H. Shayan
Detection of Cyber Attacks in State Estimation of Smart Power Systems
F. Teymouri
Controlled Islanding for Enhancing Power Grid Resilience Considering Frequency Stability Constraints S. Naghdalian
Unit Commitment in Presence of Wind Farms
Y. Mohammadnian
HIF Detection in Active Distribution Systems A. Hassan Mousavi
Robust Tuning of Modern Multiband Power System Stabilizers
K. Shomalzadeh
MicroGrid Dynamic Model Reduction M. Khosravi
Wide Area Oscillation Damping using Synchrophasors
M. Ghaderi
Dynamic Under Frequency Load Shedding in Power Systems B. Safari
Small Signal Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow
H. Abdolhossein
Controlled Islanding of Power System S.M. Mortezaei
Optimal Under Voltage Load Shedding to Provide Voltage Stability
H. Golzari
Subspace Identification of Low Frequency Oscillations using Synchrophasors M. Mahmoudi
Secondary Voltage Control In Smart Transmission Systems
R. Ardeshiri
Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow M. Alizadeh
Prediction of System Frequency response using Support Vector Regressor
S. Ranjbar
Transient Stability Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques M. Eskandari
Estimation of Critical Clearing Time Using SVR

BSc Students

Name Project Title Name Project Title
M. Ghaderi Power System: Frequency Stability M. Samadian Power System: Voltage Stability
A. Zakerian State Estimation using PMU data A. Maleki Bad Data Detection in State Estimation
A. Savaei Power System: Islanding Techniques M. Sadeghi MCSR Design and Simulation
M.Rezazadeh Transient Stability Prediction A.Rasoolkhani Probabilistic Load Flow
M.Najafi Babadi Automatic Generation Control M. Poorfarzad Design of A Capacity Obligation Mechanism
A. Nazemi Decentralized LFC using Multiagent technique M. Dorostian Comprehensive comparison between VS and ROCOF relays in MicroGrid
A. Darbandsari Estimation of Inertia and Load Damping Using PMU Data A. Maroofkhani Estimation of Inertia and Load Damping Using PMU Data
F. Kamrani Controlled Islanding in Power Systems Using Slow Coherency Technique E. Malandish Network Reconfiguration and Islanding in Active Distribution Systems
M. Parastoeikhah Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays in Active Distribution Network Sh. Lavasani Optimal Placement of Series Capacitors In Transmission Networks
M. Khalesi Prediction of Uncontrolled Islanding Using PMU Data H. Daryabar Optimal PMU Placement in Mazandaran Transmission Network
R. Jafari Optimal DSR Placement in Transmission Networks to Mitigate Overloads A. Ghaffari Optimal DSR Placement in Transmission Networks to Mitigate Overloads

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