Biomechatronic Systems

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This course will cover the interdisciplinary elements of biomechatronics and provides insight into the diverse applications of current biomechatronics technologies. Most lectures incorporate examples of emerging research and development activities across the medical and engineering fields.

Course Material

Unit 1: Introduction (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 2: Biological Signal Processing (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 3: Sensors and Actuators (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 4: Control (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 5: Hearing Aids and Implants (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 6: Visual Prostheses (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 7: Prosthetic Lims (Slides   Handouts)

Student Seminars - Spring 2018

(Files in Persian)

Topic Author File
From Silicon Neurons to Artificial Brain I Shadi Hashemnia Download File  
From Silicon Neurons to Artificial Brain II Maryam Ahang Download File  
From Silicon Neurons to Artificial Brain III Elahe Radmanesh Download File  
Digital Psychiatry I Amir Hossein Ashtari Download File  
Digital Psychiatry II Saba Ale-Ebrahim Download File  
Digital Psychiatry III Kasra Azizbeigi Download File  
Neurostimulation to Accelerate Physical Training Pegah Navaei Download File  
MEMS Ultrasound to Detect Gestures Mohammad Kia Download File  
Brain-Scanning Headbands Fatemeh Ghorbani Download File  
Augmented Reality in Medicine Mahdis Hojjati Download File  
Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Rheumatoid Arthritis Morteza Moradi Download File  
Electric Headband to Treat Depression Zahra Farahmand Download File  
Laser-Based Devices to Predict Cardiac Arrests Saeed Sanaei Moghaddam Download File  
Deep Learning for Hearing Aids Mohammad Reza Tajeddin Download File  
Smart Contact Lenses Amir Hossein Rahimi Danesh Download File  
Pain Implants Abbas Safari Download File  
Soft Robotics Ali Ali Download File  
Artificial Kidneys Sepehr Shirani Download File  
E-Skin Hamid Didari Download File  
Patients Remote Monitoring Yashar Oloomi Download File  
Brain Milirobots Javad Salary Download File  
Seizure-Detecting Smartwatches Mohammad Pashaee Download File  
Applications of Thermal Cameras in Medicine Mohammad Jafar Farahani Download File  
Organ on a Chip Farnoosh Faraji Download File  
Smart Gloves to Detect Chemicals Maryam Fadavi Download File  
AI Medicine to Treat Cervical Cancer Tohid Bahari Download File  

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