Biomechatronic Systems

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This course will cover the interdisciplinary elements of biomechatronics and provides insight into the diverse applications of current biomechatronics technologies. Most lectures incorporate examples of emerging research and development activities across the medical and engineering fields.

Course Material

Unit 1: Introduction (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 2: Biological Signal Processing (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 3: Sensors and Actuators (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 4: Control (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 5: Hearing Aids and Implants (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 6: Visual Prostheses (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 7: Prosthetic Lims (Slides   Handouts)

Student Seminars & Tutorials - Spring 2020

Topic (Seminars) Author File Podcast
Autonomous Robots Are Helping Kill Coronavirus in Hospitals Zahra Borhanifar Download File   Listen  
Can Big Data Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? Alireza Saneei Nia Download File   Listen  
Combating Epilepsy with Wearables and Machine Learning Fatemeh Esmaeili Download File   Listen  
Companies Will Engineer Your Emotions Yashar Abolfathi Download File   Listen  
Decision Making Algorithms, Management of Parkinson's Dis. Sepideh Ramezani Download File   Listen  
Denoising System for Pulmonary Sound Recording Mozhdeh Pouyani Download File   Listen  
Early Detection of Leukemia by Differential Counting of WBC Eslam Tavakoli Download File   Listen  
Facebook's Augmented Reality Glasses With Brain Implant Hadis Imanipour Download File   Listen  
Facebook's Brain-Computer Interface Reza Kazemi Download File   Listen  
Fetal Heart Monitor for Early Signs of Pregnancy Complications Omid Bagher Download File   Listen  
4D Bioprinting Smart Constructs for the Heart Sara Shojaei Download File   Listen  
Types of Brain Cells Based on Electrical Spiking Activity Ashkan Rashvand Download File   Listen  
Interface for Retinal Stimulation Parisa Hassani Download File   Listen  
Key Challenges for the Next Generation of Wearables Amin Rezaei Download File   Listen  
Liquid Electrodes Morph to Flexible Wires for Neural Stimulation Aliasghar Dastjerdi Download File   Listen  
Machine learning algorithms combine clinical & molecular data Maahshid Vaziri Download File   Listen  
Maglev Heart Could Keep Cardiac Patients Alive Najme Amirkhan Download File   Listen  
Neuralink's Augmented Brain Project Babak Seddighi Download File   Listen  
New AI System Predicts Seizures With Near-Perfect Accuracy Parisa Arjmand Download File   Listen  
Skin-like, Flexible Sensor Lets Robots Detect Us Ramin Poladi Download File   Listen  
Smart Indoor Navigation Shoes for Visually Impaired Paniz Sedighi Download File   Listen  
Smart Sleeve to Help Baseball Pitchers Mahsa Alidadi Download File   Listen  
Wearable Patch Uses Machine Learning to Detect Sleep Apnea Mina Godarzi --   Listen  
Topic (Tutorials) Author File
Active Noise Cancellation in Hearing Aids Elham Ayar Download File  
Analysis of Human ECoG Recording MohamadM. Nazeri Download File  
Artifact Rejection form EEG Signals Reyhane Yousefi Download File  
Assessing Asymmetry in PD Using Wearable Sensors Parisa Forghani Download File  
Electroactive Polymer Actuators Mohamad M. Hashemi Download File  
Energy Efficiency in Wireless Body Area Networks Amin Khosravi Download File  
Evaluation of Hearing Aid Features using EEG & ERP Signals Ghazaleh Fahmi Download File  
Grounding of Implantable Medical Devices Hosein Dehghan Download File  
Implantable Myoelectric Sensors for Prosthesis Control Parsa Vezvaei Download File  
Modeling and Control of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles Farnaz Firouzabadi Download File  
Modeling and Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators Mahbubeh Abuie Download File  
Modelling and Control of Wearable Infusion Pumps Yasamin Borhani Download File  
Operating Principales of Electronic Apex Locators Hossein Najafiyan Download File  
Operating Principales of Honda's Walking Aid Ramin Mohammadi Download File  
Operating Principales of Smart Brain Shunts Negin Rahnavardi Download File  
Power Supply for Active Prosthetic Limbs Mehdi Salmani Download File  
Power Supply of Implantable Medical Devices Alireza Mojtahedi Download File  
Security, Authentication, and Privacy in WBANs Alireza Montazeri Download File  
Signal Processing in Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Masih Lotfalizadeh Download File  
Wireless Communication of Implantable Medical Devices Sadaf Yari Download File  

Student Seminars - Spring 2019

Topic Author File
An Ankle-Foot Orthosis using Artificial Pneumatic Muscles Atefe Khadem Download File  
Biomimetic Design of Controllable Knee Actuator Mahsa Taghavi Download File  
BrainsWay Brain Stimulation Device Aida Babapour Download File  
EEG-Based Interface for Robotic Wheelchair Benyamin Pourhoseini Download File  
Electronic Pump Delivers Drugs to the Brain to Stop Seizures Nazanin Bondarian Download File  
Gesture and Posture Recognition using WSNs Mohamad Banazade Download File  
GORE-TEX: On-Skin Wearable Amir Hosein Jannati Download File  
Implant Stimulates Brain From Inside Blood Vessel Mona Zaree Download File  
Inertial Sensor Fusion for Limb Orientation Mehdi Badrimanesh Download File  
Lower Limb Exoskeletons for Functional Compensation of Gait Amir Ali Hosseini Download File  
Medtronic: Artificial Pancreas Ali Famili Download File  
Microbots Deliver Stem Cells in the Body Amirreza Alavi Download File  
Microclimate Sensing in Wearable Devices Mohammad Javad Jahed Download File  
NovioSense in Eye Glucose Monitor Mohamad Boveiri Download File  
Power-Assist Suit Ali Farahmand Download File  
Smart Watch that Detects Cardiac Arrest Samira Kanaani Download File  
Soft Exoskeleton for Use in Physiotherapy and Training – A Tutorial Hanif Kia Download File  
Soft, Smart, and Wireless Contact Lenses with Glucose Sensors Leyla Ekradi Download File  
Stance Stabilization During Gait Through Impedance Control Faezeh Ibrahimi Download File  
Starkey Wearable Hearing Aid Pedram Kabiri Download File  
The Control Method of Hybrid Assistive Limb for Swimming Motion Fatemeh Ahmadi Download File  
Wearable Orthosis for Tremor Assessment and Suppression Matin Rousta Download File  

Student Seminars - Spring 2018

(Files in Persian)

Topic Author File
From Silicon Neurons to Artificial Brain I Shadi Hashemnia Download File  
From Silicon Neurons to Artificial Brain II Maryam Ahang Download File  
From Silicon Neurons to Artificial Brain III Elahe Radmanesh Download File  
Digital Psychiatry I Amir Hossein Ashtari Download File  
Digital Psychiatry II Saba Ale-Ebrahim Download File  
Digital Psychiatry III Kasra Azizbeigi Download File  
Neurostimulation to Accelerate Physical Training Pegah Navaei Download File  
MEMS Ultrasound to Detect Gestures Mohammad Kia Download File  
Brain-Scanning Headbands Fatemeh Ghorbani Download File  
Augmented Reality in Medicine Mahdis Hojjati Download File  
Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Rheumatoid Arthritis Morteza Moradi Download File  
Electric Headband to Treat Depression Zahra Farahmand Download File  
Laser-Based Devices to Predict Cardiac Arrests Saeed Sanaei Moghaddam Download File  
Deep Learning for Hearing Aids Mohammad Reza Tajeddin Download File  
Smart Contact Lenses Amir Hossein Rahimi Danesh Download File  
Pain Implants Abbas Safari Download File  
Soft Robotics Ali Ali Download File  
Artificial Kidneys Sepehr Shirani Download File  
E-Skin Hamid Didari Download File  
Patients Remote Monitoring Yashar Oloomi Download File  
Brain Milirobots Javad Salary Download File  
Seizure-Detecting Smartwatches Mohammad Pashaee Download File  
Applications of Thermal Cameras in Medicine Mohammad Jafar Farahani Download File  
Organ on a Chip Farnoosh Faraji Download File  
Smart Gloves to Detect Chemicals Maryam Fadavi Download File  
AI Medicine to Treat Cervical Cancer Tohid Bahari Download File  

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