Neuro-Muscular Systems Control

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This course focuses on the core problems in the field of Human Motor Control, including:

1- The degrees of freedom problem (how movements are selected);
2. The sequencing and timing problem (how movements are sequenced in time);
3. The perceptual-motor integration (how perception and motor control are combined);
4. The learning problem (how perceptual-motor interactions are coordinated).

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Student Tutorials - Fall 2018

Topic Author File
Biomechanical Modeling and Control of Human Fingers Hasti Sardari Download File
Computational Modeling of Neuro-Rehabilitation Maryam Sadat Fadavi Download File
Forward Dynamic Model of Human Gait Negar Hojati Download File
Forward Dynamic Models in Human Motor Control Mehdi Badrimanesh Download File
Hand Movements, Theories and Modeling Mohammad Hesam Norouzi Download File
Hand Tremor Mmodelling in Parkinson's Disease Mahsa Bahrami Download File
Heat Transfer to Blood Vessels Mahsa Farshi Taghavi Download File
Human-Machine Interaction and Optimal Feedback Theory Mohammad Saeed Ebrahimi Download File
Joint Torque Estimation Model of Surface Electromyography Hamed Sadeghi Download File
Mathematical Model of Human Eye Movement Parisa Hasani Download File
Mechanical Modeling of Respiration Amir Hossein Chale chale Download File
Microglia Activation Faezeh Ibrahimi Download File
Middle Ear Modeling Fereshteh Kalantari Download File
Modeling Cyclic Human Motions Mohammad Reza Tajeddin Download File
Modeling Dynamic Balance During Walking Mohammad Amini Download File
Modeling the Hemodynamic Response Benyamin Harkinezhad Download File
Motor Cortex Functional Connectivity Analysis in Motor Learning Pedram Mouseli Download File
Motor Learning in Musical Performance Farzad Saffari Download File
Muscle Spindle Modeling Sadaf Yari Download File
Neuro Rehabilitation Modeling Maryam Zangeneh Download File
Skeletal Muscles Modeling (Hill) Amirhossein Rahimidanesh Download File
Spinal cord stimulation Mehrdad Oghazian Download File
Time Optimal and Minimum Jerk Profiles for Motion Control Mohammad Kia Download File
Vestibular System Sara Kangarloo Download File
What Happens in Our Body When We Want to Move? Sahar Rahimi Download File

Student Seminars - Fall 2017

(Files in Persian)

Topic Author File
Ataxia Sepehr Shirani Download File
Athetosis Pegah Navaei Download File
Ballismus Fatemeh Ghorbani Download File
Blepharospasm Shamim Saeedinia Download File
Bradykinesia Zahra Farahmand Download File
Cerebral Palsy Neda Sardaripour Download File
Chorea Sanaz Delavari Download File
Cramp (Spasm) Arezoo Kavoosi Download File
Dyskinesia Anahita Oliaei Download File
Dystonia Sadjad Alibakhshi Download File
Essential Tremor Mostafa Kavarizadeh Download File
Fasciculation Ali Ali Download File
Myoclonus Mohsen Yaghoobi Download File
Multiple System Atrophy Elham Hokmabadi Download File
Opsoclonus Asma Salamatian Download File
Restless Leg Syndrome Sepideh Momeneh Download File
Rett Syndrome Saeed Sanaei Moghadam Download File
Tic Disorders Morteza Moradi Download File
Tourette's Syndrome Mohammad Pashaei Download File