Technical English for Electrical & Computer Engineers

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Course Material

Unit 1: News and Catalogue (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 2: Advertisement and Job Posting (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 3: Product Specifications and User Manual (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 4: Service Manual and Datasheet (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 5: Email (Slides   Handouts)

Unit 6: Resume, CV and Cover Letter (Slides   Handouts  Accompanying PDF File)

Unit 7: Reports (Slides   Handouts  Accompanying PDF Files)

Unit 8: Review (Slides   Handouts )

Unit 9: Research Article (Slides   Handouts )

Unit 10: Proposal and Business Plan (Slides   Handouts )

Unit 11: Contract and Patent (Slides   Handouts )

Course Details

  • Instructor: Dr. Mehdi Delrobaei
  • Last Presented: Winter 2020