K.N.Toosi University of Technology

Faculty of Industrial Engineering

May 26, 2019








Hojatolah Hamidi, Ph.D.

Asistant Professor

Office Address: No.7.Pardis Ave.Molasadra .Vanak Sq.Tehran.Iran.

E-mail: h_hamidi(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir

Phone: +98 21 84063360-88464143

fax: +98-21-88674858


My interest for research include, but are not limited to:

Social Network Marketing: Trust of Social network Marketing, Viral and WOM, Customer Behavior, CRM
Social Media (multimedia) Marketing; Social Commerce  
Data Mining and Data Intelligence in Security and Privacy: Big data intelligence in security and privacy; Deep Learning in security and privacy; Learning for security and privacy; Privacy-preserving data mining;
Smart Data: BIG Data; Big data driven smart energy management in smart cities; Security and Privacy for Crowd-sensed data, big data and IoT for smart healthcare
Internet of Things (IoT): IoT for Efficient Energy Management, Artificial Intelligence in IoT for Industry
Mobil :  Mobile health, Cloud for mobile healthcare; Mobile learning; Mobile Crowdsourcing; Mobile health and smart cities
Biometric:  Biometric in IoT security for smart cities
Deep learning: Innovative Deep Learning Architectures for Optimizing Time Series Computational Data in IoT; Learning in smart cities; Deep learning biomedical
E-Learning: Learning Cognition and Behavior in Smart Learning Environments; Visual Learning; Social learning; Mobile learning
Smart cities: Smart energy management in smart cities
Cloud computing, Fog Computing: E-Health cloud; Mobile health; Cloud in smart cities; Grid Computing; Visualization
Health Informatics
Computation Intelligence: Computation Intelligence for Energy Internet
Fuzzy Decision Making and Applications



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