Theory of Errors (Exercise1-11)

Review of Linear Algebra (Exercise 2-11)

The Flow Diagram of a Geodetic Project (Geodetic Methodology) 

Adjustment of Linear Parametric Model (Exercise 3-11)

Adjustment of Non-Linear Parametric Model ( Exercise 4-11)

Adjustment of Condition Model (Exercise 5-11-2:nonlinear)

Least-Squares Adjustment using Pseudo-Inverses (Exercise 6-11)

Adjustment of Combined Model (Exercise 7-11)

Adjustment of Constrained Models (Exercise 8-10)

Adjustment with Weigthed and Constrained Parameters (Exercise 9-11, Exercise 10-11)

Sequential and Helmert-Wolf (Phase) Adjustment ( Exercise 12-11, data)

Hypothesis Testing ( Exercise 13-11 )

Kalman Filtering ( Exercise 14-11 )

Semester Project

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Course outline

Review of Linear Algebra
The Need for Adjustment and Analysis
Adjustment of Linear Parametric Model
Adjustment of Non-Linear Parametric Model
Adjustment of Condition Model

Adjustment of Combined Model

Adjustment of Constrained Models

Sequential  Adjustment

Phased Adjustment (Helmert-Wolf Method)

Hypothesis Testing

Kalman Filtering


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