Geometric Satellite Geodesy


Term Papers for Ms Students of Geodesy (in Persian)

Coordinate systems in satellite geodesy(satexr4-1,precise ephemeries, observation file, almanac data)

 Orbit integration, undisturbed satellite motion (satexr4-1 & almanac)

 Orbit integration, disturbed satellite motion (satexr4-1)

GPS Observations (satexr4-2,Obsdervation file)

Observation Equations and Adjustment Methods (satexr4-3, file-1, file-2, file-3)
General Outline of the Course (lecture-0)

 Sapce based positioning system in satellite geodesy (lecture-1)

The  GPS signal structure and the GPS recievers (lecture-2)

The  GPS recievers (continuued) and systematic errors in GPS (lecture-3)

 Systematic errors in GPS (continuued) and mathematical models in GPS data processing (lecture-4)

  Mathematical models in GPS data processing (continuued) and mission planning (lecture-5)

 Position techniques and the GLONASS system (lecture-6)

 Atmospheric Refraction and other Important Biases in GPS Carrier Phase Measurements (Beutler.pdf)

Comprehensive Applicatiions of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (lecture-7)  





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Course outline

Coordinate systems and Time

Orbit Integration

Global Positioning System  signal structure

Receivers and Antennae 

Biases in Global Positioning System (GPS)

Mathematical models in relative and absolute point positioning

Kinematic real time relative and absolute point positioning

Ambiguity resolution techniques

Differential Global Positioning System

New Applications of the Global Positioning System

Other Satellite systems


Course References

GPS Softwares

Commercial and Open Source Softwares


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