Courses of interest:

Undergraduate level:

1. Strength of Materials (I & II)

2. Statics

3. Mechanics of Soil Media

4. Earthquake Engineering

5. Loading on Structures



Graduate level:

1. Dynamics of Structures

2. Theory of Elasticity

3. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (I)

4. Finite Element Method

5. Continuum Mechanics



Postgraduate and doctoral level:

1. Theory of Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids

2. Mechanics of Composite Materials

3. Meshfree Methods

4. Nanomechanics

5. Theory of Poroelasticity

6. Advanced Engineering Mathematics (II)

7. Vibrations of Mechanical Systems

8. Variational and Energy-based Methods in Structural Analysis

9. Vibration of Beams, Plates, and Shells due to Moving Masses

10. Dynamic Instability of Structures

11. Advanced Theories of Elasticity (Surface Elasticity Theory, Nonlocal Continuum Field Theory, Strain Gradient Theory of Elasticity).






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