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Published Books

1- Measurement Methods and Error Estimation, By: M. Aghaie-Khafri, K.N. Toosi University Press, 2017.

2-Formability of Metals, By: M. Aghaie-Khafri, K.N. Toosi University Press, 2015.

3- Non-Destractive Test and Evaluation, Translated By: M. Aghaie-Khafri, M. Amin, K.N. Toosi University Press, 2012.

4-Theory of Dislocation and Srengthening, By: M. Aghaie-Khafri, Amirkabir Press, 2010.

Published ISI Journal Papers

1)     S. Mosadegh, M. Aghaie-Khafri, B. Binesh , Microstructural evolution and flow behaviour in hot compression of as-extruded Mg–Gd–Nd–Zn–Zr alloy, Philosophical Magazine, 2021, pp. 1-29.

2)     M. Zohrevand, M. Aghaie-Khafri, F. Forouzan, E. Vuorinen, Softening mechanisms in ultrasonic treatment of deformed austenitic stainless steel, Ultrasonics, 2021, vol. 116, pp. 106519-

3)     M. Zohrevand, M. Aghaie-Khafri, F. Forouzan, E. Vuorinen, Internal stress relief and microstructural evolution by ultrasonic treatment of austeno-ferritic 2205 duplex stainless steel, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2021, vol. 815, pp. 141290-

4)     M. Zohrevand, M. Aghaie-Khafri, F. Forouzan, E. Vuorinen, Microstructural evolutions under ultrasonic treatment in 304 and 316 austenitic stainless steels: impact of stacking fault energy, Steel Research  International, 2021, 2100041.

5)     A. Fayegh, M. Aghaie-Khafri, B. Binesh, Interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of transient liquid phase bonded IN718/Ti-6Al-4V joints, Welding in the World, 2021, pp. 1-14.

6)     M.H. Sheikh-Ansari, M. Aghaie-Khafri, Effect of Semi-solid Deformation on the Restoration Mechanisms and Texture Evolution in AA7075, JOM, vol. 71, 2019, pp. 4696-4704.

7)     Mehrdad Aghaie-Khafri, Hashem Mousavi-Anijdan, Mojib Amirkamali, Microstructural evolution under ausforming and aging conditions in 17-4 PH stainless steel, Materials Research Express, vol. 6, No. 10, 2019, pp. 106532-

8)     M. Aghaie-Khafri, A. Abdi, O. Salari, A New Criterion for Construction of Instability Maps in Hot Deformation, Materials Performance and Characterization, vol. 8, No. 5, 2019, pp. 856-868.

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12)   Behzad Binesh, Mehrdad Aghaie-Khafri, Mehdi Shaban, Ali Fardi-Ilkhchy, Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of thixoformed 7075 aluminum alloy prepared by conventional and new modified SIMA processes, International Journal of Materials Research, vol. 109, No. 12, 2018, pp. 1122-1135.

13)   M Azarbarmas, M Aghaie-Khafri, A New Cellular Automaton Method Coupled with a Rate-dependent (CARD) Model for Predicting Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, vol. 49, No. 5, 2018, pp. 1916-1930  https://doi.org/10.1007/s11661-018-4533-3.

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