Research Group
    Published Papers
1.    Simulation of Carbon Nanotube Growth at Optimized Temperature,  Majid Vaezzadeh, Ehsan Noruzifar, Mehdi Vaezzadeh, Seied Farokh, Atash zar, Mohamad taghi Ahmadi,  , Chemical Physics Letters 419 (2006) 154-157
2.    Common effect of RKKY interaction and Kondo cloud phenomenon in fero- antiferomagnetic phase in Gd based intermetalic compounds,Mehdi Vaezzadeh, A. Yazdani, Majid Vaezzadeh, A. Kanzeghi,  Journal of Sciences 15 No. 55 (2005) 132-141
3.   Kondo effect volume change in critical point for isostructural Gd2AuxAl1-x intermetallic compound Iranian Journal of Crystalography and Mineralogy 13
4.   The last explosion loop of Quantized Hall Effect,  Majid, Vaezzadeh; Seied Farokh, Atash zar; Mehdi, Vaezzadeh;Mohamad ali, Nikkhahbahrami and Mahmoud, Jafari, ,  EJTP 5 (2005) 29–48
5.    Far-infrared reflectivity spectroscopy of potassium ammonium dihydrogenphosphate mixed crystal, Majid Vaezzadeh, B. Wyncke and F. Brehat,  J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 4 No 36 (1992) 7401
6.   Infrared reflectivity spectroscopic studies on Potassium Ammonium Dihydrogen Posphat,  Majid Vaezzadeh, B. Wyncke and F. Brehat,  System Ferroelectrics Vol. 125 (1992) 437
7.   Reflectivity spectra of K(1-x)(NH4)x H2PO4 mixed crystal,  Majid Vaezzadeh, B. Wyncke and F. Brehat,Infrared
  Ferroelectrics 107, (1990)139
In Press



1.   Two Stages of Kondo effect and Competition Between RKKY an Gd-based intermetallic compound,  Mehdi, Vaezzadeh, Ahmad Yazdani, Majid Vaezzadeh, Gissoo Daneshmand, Ali Kanzeghi,  Physica B
2.    Excitation of plant growth in dormant temperature by steady magnetic field, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Majid Vaezzadeh, Ehsan Noruzifar,Ghanati Faezeh,Mohsen Salehkotahi, Reza Mehdian,



1.    Main Factor of Persistent Photoconductivity, Majid Vaezzadeh, Mehdi Vaezzadeh, Mahmoud Jafari, Javad Mohamadi, 1th International Cooperative Conference of Condensed Matter Physics 2006,  Semnan, Iran.
2.    Two Stages of KONDO effect and competition between RKKY…, The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2005, Vienna, Austria.
3.   Investigating Thermal Conductivity of SWCNT, 10th Condensed Matter Conference 2002,  P. Amin, Majid Vaezzadeh, Zanjan,Iran.