Kourosh Nourouzi  Professor

Kourosh Nourouzi
Professor of Mathematics

Faculty of Mathematics,
K. N. Toosi University of Technology,
P.O.box 1676-53681,
Tehran, Iran
Fax: (+98)21-77125291
Phone number: (+98) 21-77125254  

E-mail: nourouzi{at}kntu.ac.ir



Field                             Linear and Nonlinear Functional Analysis

Research Interests     Fixed Point Theory, Set-valued Analysis, C*-Algebras, Hilbert C*-modules



  • Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics (Jan, 2016- Feb, 2020)

  • Member of KNTU's Scientific Board (2016-2018)

  • Member of Expert Committee for Basic Sciences, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2018-present)

  • Member of Expert Committee for Nonlinear Analysis, Iranian Mathematical Society (2013-present)

  • Director of IT Center, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2008-2011)

  • Research Deputy, Faculty of Science, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2012-2014)

  • Member of Expert Committee for Basic Sciences, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2010-2011)

  • Representative of Talented Students and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Science, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2004-2008)

  • Member of Research Council, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2008-2011)

  • Visiting Researcher, University of Regina, Canada, (2000-2001)

  • Visiting Researcher, University of Seville, Spain (2014)

  • Associate Researcher: Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM):  School of Mathematics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, P.O.Box 19395-5746, Tehran, Iran (2006-2012)

  • Leader of Mathematical Competitions and Olympiad Team, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, (2005-2009)

  • Reviewer of MathScinet (American Mathematical Society), (2014-present)


Research Papers

52. Ultradiversities and their spherical completeness, Journal of Applied Analysis.  (Joint with Gh. Mehrabani) (accepted)

51. Some pre-C*-algebras generated by a C*-algebra A with completion C([-1,1]), A), Iranaina Journal of Science and Technology, Transaction A: Science.  (Joint with A. Reza) (PDF)

50. Morita equivalnce and Cauchy extensions of Hilbert  C*-modules, Quaestiones Mathematicae.  (Joint with A. Reza) (PDF)

49. Convolution type C*-algebras, Bull. Iranian Math. Soc.  (Joint with A. Reza) (PDF)

48. Fixed point property of Hilbert modules over finite dimensional C*-algebras, Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications.   21, (2019), No. 3,  Art. 87, 7 pp. (Joint with M. Golabi) (PDF)

47. Totally bounded subsets and a measure of noncompactness for Schatten class operators, Topology and its Applications.  265 (2019), 106825, 8 pp. (Joint with F. Zahedi and D. O'Regan) (PDF)

46.  Functors induced by Cauchy extension of C*-algebras, Sahand Commun. Math. Anal. Vol. 14, No. 1, 2019, 27-53 (Joint with A. Reza) (PDF)

45.  A fixed point theorem in uniform spaces generated by a family of b-pseudometrics,  Fixed Point Theory. Vol. 20, No. 1, 2019, 177-184 (Joint with H. Faraji and D. O'Regan) (PDF)

44. Stationary Points of Set-valued Contractive and Nonexpansive Mappings on Ultrametric Spaces, Fixed Point Theory. Vol. 19, No. 2, 2018, 587-594 (Joint with M. Hosseini and D. O'Regan) (PDF)

43. A fixed and common fixed points for weakly contractive mappings in b-metric spaces,  Sahand Commun. Math. Anal.  Vol. 7, No. 1, 2017, 49-62 (Joint with H. Faraji) (PDF)

42 A generalization of Kannan and Chatterjea fixed point theorems on complete b-metric spaces,  Sahand Commun. Math. Anal. Vol. 6, No. 1, 2017, 77-86 (Joint with H. Faraji) (PDF)

41. On Hukuhara's differentiable iteration semigroups of linear set-valued functions,  Aequationes Mathematicae. Vol. 90, No.  6,  2016, 1129-1145. (Joint with M. Aghajani)  (PDF)

40. Mazur-Ulam Problem in Probabilistic Normed Groups,  Int. J. Nonlinear Anal. Appl.  Vol.8, No. 2, 2017, 327-333. (Joint with R. A.R. Pourmoslemi)  (PDF)

39. Probabilistic Normed Groups,  Iranian J. Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 14, No. 1, 2017,  99-113. (Joint with R. A.R. Pourmoslemi) (PDF)

38. On stationary points of nonexpansive set-valued mappings,  Fixed Point Theory and Applications. (2015) 2015:236. (Joint with R. Espinola and M. Hosseini) (PDF)

37.  The Continuity of Q+-Homogenous Superadditive Correspondences, Journal of  Nonlinear and Convex Analysis. Vol 16, No. 9, 2015, 1899-1904. (Joint with M. Aghajani) (PDF)

36. Fixed points for Kannan type contractions in uniform spaces with a graph, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control.  Vol. 21, No. 1, 2016, 103–113 (Joint with A. Aghanians) (PDF)

35. Fixed points of integral type contractions in uniform spaces,  Filomat.  29:7, 2015, 1613–1621. (Joint with A. Aghanians)  (PDF)

34. Vector ultra metric spaces  and a fixed point theorem for correspondences, Int. J. Nonlinear Anal. Appl. 7 (2016) No. 1, 147-153. (PDF)

33. Fixed points for Banach and Kannan contractions in modular spaces with a graph, Int. J. Nonlinear Anal. Appl. Vol 5, No 2, 2014, 50-60.  (Joint with A. Aghanians) (PDF)

32. Some couple coincidence point theorems in partially ordered uniform spaces,  Cubo, Vol 16, No 2, 2014, 115-128. (Joint with A. Aghanians, K. Fallahi, D. O'Regan) (PDF)

31. Fixed Points for Ciric-G-Contractions in Uniform Spaces Endowed with a Graph, Publications de l'Institut Mathematique. 97(111) (2015), 211–223. (Joint with A. Aghanians, K. Fallahi, R.U. Verma) (PDF)

30. The Continuity of Linear and Sublinear Correspondences Defined on Cones, Bulletin of Iranian Mathematical Society. Vol 41, No 1, 2015, 43-55. (Joint with M. Aghajani, D. O'Regan) (PDF)

29. An embedding theorem for a class of Convex sets in nonarchimedean normed spaces, Journal of  Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization: Theory & Applications. Vol 4., No. 3, (2013). (Joint with M. Aghajani) (PDF

28. Coincidence point theorems for E-(\psi,\varphi)- and E-\varphi-weak contractions in partially ordered uniform spaces, Journal of  Nonlinear and Convex Analysis, Vol. 17, No. 12, 535--2549 (Joint with R.P. Agarwal, A. Aghanians, K. Fallahi) (PDF)

27. The role of regularity to reach the vector valued version of Caristi's fixed point theorem, Journal of  Nonlinear and Convex Analysis. Vol 16, No 5, 2015, 937-942 (Joint with F. Lael) (PDF)

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1. Strongly exposed points in the unit ball of trace class operators, International  Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. 30 (2002) no. 7, 393-397. (PDF)



Metric Spaces (in persian) (Selected as distinguished book of K. N. Toosi university among all books published by KNTU in 2017)


Selected Conferences

Graduate Students

MSc    F. Lael,  (Sep.2006)

S. Vaezzadeh, (Sep. 2007)

K. Fallahi,  (Nov. 2007)

S. Jahani,  (Feb. 2008)

S. Shabanian,  (Oct. 2008)

B. Hedayatfar, (Nov. 2008)

H. Adman, (Mar. 2009)

H. Abbasi, (Feb. 2009)

N. Rezabandehloo, (Sep. 2009)

E. Jafari, (Oct. 2009)

Z. Izadi, (Oct. 2009) 

             A. Aghanians, (Sep. 2010)

             R. Mokhtar, (Feb. 2011)     

             I. Mehrabinejad, (Mar. 2011)

            M. M. Khatibi, (Feb.2011)




M. Manavi, (Nov. 2011)

S. Abdoli, (Jan. 2012)

N. Ashghaei, (Jan. 2012)

K. Shamsolkottabi (Feb. 2012)

F. Ghasemi, (Feb. 2013)

M. Dinarvand, (Sep. 2012)

A. Broumandnia, (Sep. 2012)

M. Hosseini, (Sep. 2013)

N. Salehabadi, (Oct. 2013)

M. Taghavi, (Sep. 2014)

M. Ramzi Iraqi, (Sep. 2014)

S. Alian, (Dec. 2014)

P. Bigdeli, (May, 2015)

E. Rostami, (Dec. 2015)

M. Alimohammadi, (Dec. 2015)



L. Michani, (Jan. 2016)

M. Farahi, (May, 2016)

N. Ahmadi,  (Oct. 2016)

F. Aloustani,  (Feb. 2017)

Sh. Golpaiganifard,  (Sep. 2017)

H. Chalak,  (Sep. 2017)

S. Pourya (Feb.  2019)

M. Ghaffari (Feb.  2019)

Z. Lak (Sep., 2019)

M. Servati (Sep., 2019)






PhD:    M. Aghajani, (Aug. 2012)

F. Lael, (Oct. 2012)

K. Fallahi, (Feb. 2013)

A. Aghanians, (Sep. 2014)

A.R.  Pourmoslemi, (Sep., 2016)

H. Faraji, (Sep., 2017)

A. Reza, (Sep. 2019)

F. Zahedi, (in progress)

M. Golabi,  (in progress)

P. Haghmaram (in progress)

F. Jahangir (in progress)







Postdoctoral Researchers



Teaching Schedule


Semester I,  2019-2020 


Real Analysis (MSc), Saturday and Tuesday  mornings (9:00--10:30).

Complex functions (BSc), Saturday and Tuesday  mornings (10:30--12:00).  



Semester II,  2019


Mathematial Analysis (BSc), Satarday and Tuesday  mornings (9:00--10:15).  

General Topolgy (BSc), Satarday and Tuesday  mornings (10:30--12:00).



Semester I,  2018-2019


Basics of Mathematial Analysis (BSc), Saturday and Tuesday  mornings (9:00--10:15).  

Real Analysis (MSc), Saturday and Tuesday  mornings (10:30--12:00).



Courses Taught

Topology, Analysis I, II, III, Calculus I, II, Ordinary Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis(I,II), Operator Theory(I, II),

C*-Algebras (I, II), Applied Functional Analysis, Banach Algebras, Fixed point theory.