Farzaneh Ramezani

DR Farzaneh Ramezani

I received my Ph.D from Amirkabir university of technology at 2010. My thesis was on the spectral characterization of some graphs under supervision of professor Behrouz Tayfeh Rezaie. We studied some known methods of checking graph cospectrality as well as establishing new methods for the problem. I am an assistant professor at deparment of Math. At this time I am interested in Combinatorial optimization, Signed graphs and Spectral graph theory.

email: ramezani@kntu.ac.ir / phone +98-21-22853884



Continous Ph.D

Continous Ph.D. in Mathematics, (2001- 2010), Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

Ph.D Thesis title

Spectral Characterization of Graphs
Under supervision of Prof. Behruz Tayfeh-Rezaie.

M.S.c Thesis title

Commuting Graphs of Semi-simple Rings.
Under supervision of Prof. Dariush Kiani.

Published/to appear

1. Cospectral lifts of graphs, arXiv:1601.02354 [math.CO]

2. Signed graphs with two distinct eigenvalues, arXiv:1511.03511v3 [math.CO]

3. (With M. Tale) Matching in Toeplitz graphs, to appear in A rs C ombin.

4. (With S. Malik) Stability of Toeplitz graphs. Proceeding of 45 th Iranian Mathematical Conference. (2014)

5. (With B. Tayfeh- Rezaei) Graphs with prescribed star complement for 1 as the second largest eigenvalue, Ars Combin. 116 (2014), 129- 145.

6. ( With B. Tayfeh- Rezaie) Spectral characterization of some cubic graphs, Graphs Combin . 28 (2012), 869- 876.

7. (With W. H. Haemers) Graphs cospectral with Kneser graphs, Commun. Contemp. Math. 531 (2010), 169- 175.

8. (With S. Akbari and D. Kiani) Commuting graphs of group algebras, Comm. Algebra. (2010).

9. (With N. Broojerdian and B. Tayfeh- Rezaei) A note on the spectral characterization of θ -graphs, Linear Algebra Appl. 431 (2009), 626- 632.

10. (With N. Ghareghani and B. Tayfeh- Rezaie) Graphs cospectral with starlike tree, Linear Algebra Appl. 429 (2008), 2691- 2701.


Graduate Courses

combinatorial optimization (Spring 2016)

Undergraduate Courses