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Saeed Rayati


Personal Data:

Date of Birth

Aug. 9, 1972


Place of Birth

Tehran, Iran


E- mail Address:,

Educational Back ground:

  • Diploma, Tehran, Iran, 1987.

  •  B. Sc. Pure Chemistry, Zanjan, Iran. 1991-1995

  •  M. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry, Buo-Ali Sina University, Hamadan, Iran. 1995-1998.

Major: Inorganic Chemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Davar M. Boghaei and Prof. S. S. Sabounchi
Title of Ms. thesis: The Synthetic of Metal Complexes From Unsymmetrical Tetradentate Schiff Bases and Study of Their Solution Chemistry

  • Ph. D. Inorganic Chemistry, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, 1998-2003.

Major: Inorganic Chemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Daryoush Mohajer

Title of PhD thesis: Part I: 1:2 Molecular Complexation of Free Base meso-Tetraphenylporphyrins with σ-Acceptor  trialkylsilyl chlorides and BF3 Molecule.

Part II: Tetra-sulfonatophenylporphyrinato- cobalt(II) Derivaties as Chain transfer Catalysis in Radical Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate.


Sabbatical leave:

  •  Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, 2003.

Executive Positions:

  • Chairman of Chemistry Department, (2004-2006).



Research Interest:


A broad range of topics in Coordination Chemistry is covered. Projects currently underway include:


  •  Catalysis and biocatalysis:  catalytic oxidation of organic compounds in the presence of synthetic metalloporphyrins as model for reactions of cytochrome P-450.

  • Molecular complexes of porphyrins and acceptor molecules (Host/Guest Chemist

  • Using of metaloporphyrin complexes as chain transfer catalyst in radical polymerization of alkenes.

  • Novel metal complexes of symmetrical and non-symmetrical tetradentate Schiff Bases are designed and synthesized.

  • Probing the use of new transition metal complexes of Schiff base ligands with a view of creating catalytic of broad applicability.  


Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry (I, II)

  • General Chemistry Laboratory (I, II)

  • Inorganic Chemistry (I, II)

  • Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (I, II)

  • Organometallic Chemistry

  • Advance Inorganic Chemistry (MSc)

  • Inorganic Spectroscopy (MSc)

  • Kinetics and Mechanism of Inorganic Reactions (MSc)

  • New Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (MSc)

  • Physical Inorganic Chemistry (MSc)

  • Organometallic Chemistry (Ph. D.)

  • Bio Inorganic Chemistry (Ph. D.)




Presentation in International Conferences:

r.     Forth international conference on porphyrins and phthalocyanines, Rome, Italy, July 2-7, 2006.

“A UV-vis spectroscopic study of 1:2adduct formation of some free-base meso-tetraaryl-and meso tetraalkylporphyrins with PhSnCl3 and (CH3)2SnCl2 versus CF3COOH”

s.     International conference on recent developments in chemistry and their applications, Sebha, Libya, 14-16 Nov. 2006.

“A new wire-type Pb(II)-selective electrode basedon bis(1´-hydroxy-2´-acetonaphthone)-2,2´-diiminodiethylamine”


t.     International conference on recent developments in chemistry and their applications, Sebha, Libya, 14-16 Nov. 2006.

“ Ion binding properties of a newly synthesized Schiff base ligand, bis(1´-hydroxy,2´-acetonaphthone)propylenediimine”

u.    12 Asian chemical congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23-25 Aug. 2007.

“Effective Oxidation of Olefins by Oxo-vanadium (IV) Tetradentate Schiff base Complexes”

v.    12 Asian chemical congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23-25 Aug. 2007.

“Partially and fully β-brominated Mn-porphyrins in P450 biomimetic systems: Effects of the degree of bromination on catalytic properties”

w.  12 Asian chemical congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23-25 Aug. 2007.

“Solid phase extraction of trace amounts of Cu(II) using octadecyl silica membrane disks modified by a new N2O2-type Schiff base and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry”

x.    12 Asian chemical congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23-25 Aug. 2007.

“Improved extraction-separation of Cd(II), Zn(II) and Pb(II) ions by bis(2-ethylhexyl)-phosphoric acid using a N4-type Schiff base ligand as masking agent”






Presentation in national conferences:

y.    8th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference. Tabriz-Iran. Aug. 2004.

“Tetra-sulfonatophenylporphyrinatocobalt (II) derivaties as chain transfer catalyst in radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate”

z.    14th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry, Birjand, Iran, Aug. 2005.

“Synthesis and ionophoric properties of a Schiff base towards transition metal ions”

aa. 14th Iranian Seminar of Analytical Chemistry, Birjand, Iran, Aug. 2005.

“ A lead-selective electrode based on 5,11,17,23-tetra-tert-butyl-25,26,27,28-tetrakis(diphenylphosphinoylmethoxy)calix[4]arene coated graphite”

bb.       12th Iranian seminar of organic chemistry, 7-9 March 2006. Ahvaz Jundi Shapour University of medical sciences.

“Synthesis, characterization and binding properties towards transition metal ions of N3O2-type Schiff’s bases”

cc. 12th Iranian seminar of organic chemistry, 7-9 March 2006. Ahvaz Jundi Shapour University of medical sciences.

“Synthesis of Novel Schiff’s bases and their properties as phase transfer mediator for transition metal ions”

dd.      15th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Feb. 27-March 1, 2007, Shiraz University.

“A new silver (I) potentiometric sensor based on a lower-rim calix [4] arene substituted by mixed amide/phosphoryl groups” 

ee. 15th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Feb. 27-March 1, 2007, Shiraz University.

“ Bis (1´-hydroxy,2´-acethonaphtone)-2,2´-diiminodiethylamine: synthesis, Rhodamine B as extractant-carrier selective electrode”

ff.  15th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Feb. 27-March 1, 2007, Shiraz University.

“N4-Type di-Schiff base receptors; Phase transfer agents for transition metal ions”

gg.       15th Iranian seminar of analytical chemistry, Feb. 27-March 1, 2007, Shiraz University.

“ Bis(2-hydroxyacetophenone)-1,2-propanediimine and bis(5-bromo-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde)-1,2-propanediimine; Synthesis, extractive and moble carrier properties towards transition metal ions”

hh.       9th Iranian Inorganic chemistry Conference, 7-8 March 2007. Semnan University.

“Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of monomeric vanadyl Schiff base complexes”

ii.    9th Iranian Inorganic chemistry Conference, 7-8 March 2007. Semnan University.

“Synthesis and ion binding properties of a new Schiff base ligand named bis(2-hydroxypropiophenone)-1,2-propandiimine”







List of Publications:



         55. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Hossein Valinejad,

               Oxidation of hydrocarbons with tetra-n-butylammonium peroxy monosulfate

               catalyzed by -tetrabromo-meso-tetrakis(4-methoxyphenyl)- and-tetrabromo-meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatomanganese(III)

               Turkish Journal of Chemistry, 2014, 38, 611-616


         54. Saeed Rayati, Fatemeh Nejabat, Saeed Zakavi

                Chemoselective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides with urea hydrogen peroxide (UHP) catalyzed by non-,

            partially and fully β-brominated meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatomanganese(III) acetate

            Inorg. Chem. Commun. 2014, 40, 82-86


        53. Saeed Rayati, Elaheh Bohloulbandi

            Multi-wall carbon nanotube-supported manganese(III) porphyrin: An efficient and reusable catalyst for the oxidation

            of alkenes with H2O2 under ultrasonic irradiation

            Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2014, 17, 62-68




        52. Mehdi Rashvand avei, Majid Jafarian, Sedigheh Etezadi, Fereydoon Gobal, Maryam Khakali, Saeed Rayati, Mohammad Ghasem Mahjani

                Zeolite encapsulated Ni(II)-Schiff-base complex: A novel size-selective electro-catalyst for the determination of the purity

             of stevioside Original Research Article

                Talanta, 108, 15, 2013, 19-29


        51. Saeed Rayati, Parisa Jafarzadeh, Saeed Zakavi

            Catalytic activity of carbon nanotube supported iron(III) and manganese(III) porphyrins

              in oxidation of olefins with tert-butyl hydroperoxide: Higher activity of the iron(III) porphyrin

            Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 29,  2013, Pages 40-44


        50. Jahan B. Ghasemi • Shabnam Hooshmand , Saeed Rayati

                Thermodynamic study of complex formation process of free base meso-tetraphenylporphyrins

                with dimethyl and dibutyltin(IV) dichloride: a new algorithm for a single thermometric titration

                J Incl Phenom Macrocycl Chem (2013) 76:47–54



       49.  Saeed Rayati, Payam abdolalian

              Heterogenization of a molybdenum Schiff base complex as a magnetic nanocatalyst: An eco-friendly,

             efficient, selective and recyclable nanocatalyst for the oxidation of alkenes

              Comptes rendus chimie, (2013) 16, 814-820     




        48. Saeed Rayati, Payam abdolalian

              Sonochemical syntheses of nano-sized dioxomolybdenum complexes: An efficient, selective and reusable

              heterogeneous nanocatalyst for oxidation of alkenes

                     Applied Catalysis A: General, 456, 2013, Pages 240-248.


        47. Mozhgan Navidi, Barahman Movassagh, Saeed Rayati        

              Multi-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with a palladium(II)-Schiff base complex:

              A recyclable and heterogeneous catalyst for the copper-, phosphorous- and solvent-free synthesis of ynones

              Applied Catalysis A: General, 452, 2013, Pages 24-28


           46. M. Jafarian, M. Rashvand avei, M. Khakali, F. Gobal, S. Rayati, and M. G. Mahjani

              DFT and Experimental Study of the Host–Guest Interactions Effect on the Structure, Properties, and Electro-Catalytic

              Activities of N2O2–Ni(II) Schiff-Base Complexes Incorporated into Zeolite

              J. Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116 (34), pp 18518–18532.


        45.  Akbar Ghaemi, Saeed Rayati, Kazem Fayyazi, Seik Weng Ng and Edward R. T. Tiekink




                Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, m1027–m1028


         44. Akbar Ghaemi, Saeed Rayati, Kazem Fayyazi, Seik Weng Ng and Edward R. T. Tiekink


               Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, m993–m994.



            43. Saeed Zakavi, Aida Ghanbelanie Mojarrad, Saeed Rayati

               Substituent effects on the catalytic activity of a series of manganese meso-tetra(aryl)porphyrins:

               (2-, 3-, 4)-Pyridyl, 4-sulfonatophenyl and 3-sulfonato-4-methoxyphenyl groups compared to phenyl and 4-methoxyphenyl ones

               Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 363-364 (2012), 153-158.

        42. Saeed Rayati, Fatemeh Ashouri

              Pronounced catalytic activity of oxo-vanadium(IV) Schiff base complexes in the oxidation of cyclooctene and styrene by tert-butyl hydroperoxide

              Comptes rendus chimie, 15 (2012) 679-687.         


        41. Saeed Rayati, Nasim Rafiee and Andrzej Wojtczak

              cis-Dioxo-molybdenum(VI) Schiff base complexes: Synthesis, crystal structure and catalytic performance for

              homogeneous oxidation of olefins

              Inorganica Chimica Acta, 368 (2012), 27-35.


           40. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Parisa Jafarzadeh, Omid Sadeghi, Mostafa M. Amini

              Manganese meso-tetra-4-carboxyphenylporphyrin immobilized on MCM-41 as catalyst for oxidation of olefins

              with different oxygen donors in stoichiometric conditions

                   Journal of porphyrins and Phthalocyanins, 2012, 16, 260-266.

        39. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Elaheh Bohloulbandi, Majid Jafarian and Mahdi Rashvand avei

              Comparative study of the catalytic activity of a series of β-brominated Mn-porphyrins in oxidation of olefins

              and organic sulfides: Better catalytic performance of the partially brominated ones

              Polyhedron,34, 2012, 102-107.


        38. A. Ghaemi, Saeed. Rayati, B. Jahanpanah, H. R. Khavasi

              A novel 3D supramolecular coordination polymer based on tetranuclear complex of lead (II) with terephthalic

              acid and 8-hydroxyquinolin, [Pb4(8-Quin)4(tp)2(DMF)2]n

              Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry 38 (2012) 649-653.


        37. F. Heshmatpour, Saeed. Rayati, M. Afghan Hajiabbas, P. Abdolalian and B. Neumüller

              Copper(II) Schiff base complexes derived from 2,2΄-dimethyl-propandiamine: Synthesis, characterization

             and catalytic performance in oxidation of styrene and cyclooctene

              Polyhedron, 31 (2012) 443-450.


        36. Saeed Zakavi, Sadegh Talebzadeh, Saeed Rayati

              Catalytic activity of Mn(III) and Fe(III) complexes of meso-tetra(n-propyl)porphyrin in oxidation of olefins: Meso-alkyl substituent

               in comparison with the alkenyl and aryl ones

              Polyhedron, 31 (2012) 368-372.


        35. Maryam Lashanizadegan, Saeed Rayati, and Zeinab Dejparvar Derakhshan

              Heterogeneous Green Catalyst for Oxidation of Cyclohexene and Cyclooctene with Hydrogen Peroxide

              in the Presence of Host (nanocavity of Y-zeolite)/Guest (N4-Cu(II) Schiff base complex) Nanocomposite Material

              Chinese Journal of Chemistry  29 (2011) 2439-2444.


        34. M. Jafarian, M.A. Haghighatbin, F. Gobal, M.G. Mahjani, S. Rayati

              A comparative investigation of the electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on poly-NiTCPP and poly-TCPP/Ni

              modified glassy carbon electrodes

              Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 663 (2011) 14–23.


        33. Felora Heshmatpour, Saeed Rayati, Mona Afghan Hajiabbas, and Bernhard Neumüller

              Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Performance in Oxidation of Styrene and α-Methyl Styrene of a Nickel(II) Complex

              Derived from a Schiff Base Ligand

              Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. (2011), 637, 1224–1228


        32.   Majid Jafarian, Mehdi Rashvand avei, Fereydoon Gobal, Saeed Rayati, Mohammad G. Mahjani

                Electrocatalytic Oxidation of 1-Propanol and 2-Propanol on Electro-active Films Derived from NiII-(N,N′-bis(2-Hydroxy,

                3-Methoxy Benzaldehyde1,2-Propandiimine)Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode      

                Electrocatal (2011) 2:163–171


         31.  Akbar Ghaemi, Saeed Rayati, Ehsan Elahi, Seik Weng Ng and Edward R. T. Tiekink


                Acta Crystallographica Section E, (2011). E67, o2760.


30.  Akbar Ghaemi, Saeed Rayati, Ehsan Elahi, Seik Weng Ng, and Edward R. T. Tiekink

      {5,50-Dimethoxy-2,20-[1,10-(2,2-dimethylpropane-1,3-diyldinitrilo)diethylidyne]-diphenolato-j4O,N,N0,O0}copper(II) monohydrate

       Acta Crystallographica Section E, (2011). E67, m1445–m1446.


29. Saeed Zakavi, Fatemeh Heidarizadi, Saeed Rayati

      Comparative study of catalytic activity of some biomimetic models of cytochrome P450 in oxidation of olefins with tetra-n-butylammonium periodate:

      Electron-rich Mn-porphyrins versus the electron-deficient ones

      Inorganic Chemistry Communications 14 (2011) 1010–1013.


28. Saeed Rayati, Akbar Ghaemi and Behrouz Notash


   Acta Cryst. (2011) E67, m448.


27. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi and Hossein Kalantari

       Factors influencing the catalytic activity of b-tetrabrominated meso-tetra(para-tolyl)porphyrinatomanganese(III) for oxidation of sulfides and olefins with


       J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines (2011) 15: 131–139.


26. Saeed Rayati, Akbar Ghaemi, Nasrin Sadeghzadeh

Electronic effects of substituents on the oxidation potentials of vanadyl complexes with tetradentate Schiff base ligands derived from 1,2-propylenediamine

Catalysis Communications, 11 (2010) 792-796.


         25.  Saeed Zakavi, Amir Salami Ashtiani, Saeed Rayati

               Meso-tetracinnamylporphyrin: Synthesis, characterization and the catalytic activity of its Mn(III) complex in olefin epoxidation with tetra-n-butylammonium hydrogen monopersulfate

                Polyhedron, 29, (2010) 1492-1496.


        24.  Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Marjan Koliaei, Andrzej Wojtczak, Anna Kozakiewicz

                 Electron-rich salen-type Schiff base complexes of Cu(II) as catalysts for oxidation of cyclooctene and styrene with tert-butylhydroperoxide: A                 comparison with electron-deficient ones

                Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 13 (2010) 203-207.


23.  Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Vahid Noroozi

                    Nitrogen donor-controlled chemoselectivity of reaction in oxidation of sulfides with tetra-n-butylammonium hydrogen monopersulfate catalyzed

        by a partially β-brominated meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatomanganese(III) acetate: a clue to the nature of active oxidant

        Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 31(2010) 89-95.


22. Abdolreza Rezaeifard, Maasoumeh Jafarpour, Saeed Rayati, Raheleh Shariati

The catalytic performance of Mn-tetraarylporphyrins in the highly selective oxidation of primary aromatic amines to azo compounds by Bu4NHSO5

Dyes and Pigments, 80 (2009), 80-85.


21. Saeed Rayati, Akbar Ghaemi, Saeed Zakavi  and Nasser Safari

    Highly efficient oxidation of sulfides to sulfones with tetra-n-butylammonium hydrogen monopersulfate catalyzed by β-tri- and tetra-brominated meso-                tetraphenylporphyrinatomanganese(III) acetate

Applied Catalysis A: General, 353 (2009) 154-159.



20. Daryoush Mohajer, Elham Sakhtemanian, Saeed Rayati and Saeed Zakavi,

A UV-vis Spectroscopic Study of 1:2 Adduct Formation of Some Free-base meso-tetraaryl- and meso-tetraalkylporphyrins with PhSnCl3 and (CH3)2SnCl2

Spectrochimica Acta patr A: Molecular and Biomolecular spectroscopy, 69 (2008) 998-1003.



19.  Saeed Rayati, Niloofar Torabi, Akbar Ghaemi, Sajjad Mohebi, Andrzej Wojtczak and Anna Kozakiewicz,

    Vanadyl tetradentate Schiff base complexes as catalyst for C-H bond activation of olefins with tert-butylhydroperoxide: Synthesis, characterization and structure

    Inorg. Chim. Acta, 361 (2008), 1239-1245.



18. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Akbar Ghaemi and Patrick J. Carroll,

    Core protonation of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin with tetrafluoroboric acid: Unusual water-mediated hydrogen bonding of H4tpp2+ to the counter ion

    Tetrahedron Letters, 49, (2008), 664-667.


17. Saeed Rayati, Nasrin sadeghzadeh, Hamid Reza Khavasi,

A new di-μ-oxo bis[oxovanadium(V)] complex containing Schiff base ligand derived from 1,2-diaminopropan and 2´-hydroxy4´-methoxyacetophenone: Synthesis, structure and catalytic properties

Inorganic Chemistry Communication, 10, (2008), 1545-1548.


16. Saeed Rayati, Andrzej Wojtczak, Anna Kozakiewicz

One step preparation of [(VO(l-O)L)]2: A 2D supramolecular network directed by intermolecular interaction

Inorganica Chimica Acta 361, (2008), 1530–1533.


15. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Vahid Noroozi, Somayeh H. Motlagh

Electron-deficient Mn(III)-porphyrin catalyzed oxidation of hydrocarbons with tetra-n-butylammonium hydrogen monopersulfate: Effect of counter ions and nitrogen donors

Catalysis Communications 10, (2008), 221–226.


14. Saeed Zakavi, Azam Abasi, Ali Reza Pourali, and Saeed Rayati

 Mn-porphyrin Catalyzed Epoxidation of Alkenes with Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Supported H2O2

Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. (2008), Vol. 29, No. 4, 866-868.


13. Saeed Rayati, Saeed Zakavi, Somayeh H. Motlagh, Vahid Noroozi, Maryam Razmjoo, Andrzej Wojtczak, Anna Kozakiewicz

β-Tetra-brominated meso-tetraphenylporphyrin: A conformational study and application to the Mn-porphyrin catalyzed epoxidation of olefins with tetrabutylammonium oxone

Polyhedron 27, (2008), 2285–2290.


12. Saeed Rayati, Marjan Koliaei, Fatemeh Ashouri, Sajjad Mohebbi, Andrzej Wojtczak and Anna Kozakiewicz

 Oxovanadium (IV) Schiff base complexes derived from 2,2'-dimethylpropandiamine: a homogeneous catalyst for cyclooctene and styrene oxidation

Applied Catalysis A: General, 346, (2008), 65-71.


11.  Nasser Safari, Saeed Rayati, Akbar Ghaemi, Farzad Bahadoran, Hamid Reza Khavasi

Platinum(VI) dihydroxo tetramesitylporphyrin; characterization and chemical reactivity

Inorganic chemistry Communication, 11 (2008) 1459.

10.  Sajjad Mohebbi and Saeed Rayati,

    Catalytic polymerization of ethylene by non-metallocene zirconium (IV) calix[4]pyrrole complexes

Transition Metal Chemistry, 32, 2007, 374-378.


9. D. Emadi, M. R. Yaftian, S. Rayati,

Bis(1’-hydroxy, 2’-acetonaphthone)propylenediimine; extractive properties and its use as ionophore in a Cu2+-selective potentiometric sensor

Turkish J. Chem. 31, (2007), 423-433.


8.  Mohammad Reza Yaftian, Saeed Rayati, Reyhaneh Safarbali and Niloofar Torabi,

    A new tetradentate N2O2-type Schiff base ligand. Synthesis, extractive properties toward transition metal ions and X-ray crystal structure of  its nickel complex

    Transition Metal Chemistry, 2007, 32, 374.


7.  Z. Pilehvari, M. R. Yaftian, S. Rayati, M. Parinejad,

    A novel wire-type lead-selective electrode based on bis(1'-hydroxy-2'-acetonaphthone)-2,2'-diiminodiethylamine

    Ann. Chim. 2007, 97, 747-757.


6.  Saeed Rayati, Mohammad Reza Yaftian and Hamid Reza Khavasi,

     Bis(2-acetyl-1-naphtholato-O-O) copper (II)

    Acta Crystallographica Section E, 2007, E63, m898.


5.  Sajjad Mohebbi, Faezad Nikpour and Saeed Rayati,

     Homogeneous green catalyst for epoxidation of cyclooctene by mono oxovanadium (IV) complexes of N2O2 donate ligand system

J. Mol. Catal. A : chemical 2006, 256, 265.


4.  Mohammad Reza Yaftian, Saeed Rayati, Daryoush Emadi and Dominique Matt,

    A coated wire-type lead (II) ion-selective electrod based on a phosphorylated calyx[4]arene derivative

Analytical Sciences, 2006, 22, 1075.


3.   Daryoush Mohajer, Saeed Zakavi, Saeed Rayati, Mansour Zahedi, Nasser Safari, Hamid Reza Khavasi, Shant Shahbazian

      Unique 12 adduct formation of meso-tetraarylporphyrins and meso-tetraalkylporphyrins with BF3: a spectroscopic and ab initio study

      New J. Chem., 2004, (12),1600-1607.


2.   Daryoush Mohajer, Saeed Rayati

      Novel 1:2 molecular complexation of free base meso-tetraphenylporphyrins with sigma acceptor trialkylsilyl chlorides

      New J. Chem., 2003, (2),242-244.


1.  Davar M. Boghaei; S. J. S. Sabounchei; Saeed Rayati

      Synthesis and Reactivity of Unsymmetrical Schiff Base Ligand Towards Ni(II), Cu(II) and Pd(II)

      Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic, and Nano-Metal Chemistry, 30,  8, 2000,  1535 – 1545.




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