1) Stress Analysis at a Bi-material Wedge with an Interfacial Crack Using Singular Finite Elements.

2) Analysis of the Singularities at the Apex of a Bi-material Wedge under In-plane Loading.

3) Analytical Solution of the Coupled Thermoelasticity Problem in Circular Cylinders.

4) Finite Element Analysis of the Coupled Thermoelasticity Problem of Plates Containing an Elliptical Hole.

5) Simulation of Glass Sheet Cutting with an Impinging Hot Air Jet.

6) Stress Analysis of Drill String Tool Joints Considering Contact Stresses.

7) Optimal Design of Body Mounts of a Typical Vehicle.

8) Analytical Solution of the Unsymmetrical Plane Contact of a Wedge and a Half-Space.

9) Analytical Solution for the Stress Intensity Factor and Dynamic Fracture Parameters in a DCB Considering the Effect of Shear Deformation,Selected as the best MSc. thesis in the field of Applied Mechanics in 2003 by the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME).

10) Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Thick Plates with Initial Imperfections.

11) Analysis of the Vibrations of a Cable Supporting an Accelerated Moving Mass.

12) Study of the Friction Effects on the Stiffness of the Metallic and Composite Leaf Springs.

13) Determination of Stress Intensity Factors in Semi-elliptical Cracks in Thick-walled Cylinders Subjected to Combined Loading (Axial, Bending, Torsion and Internal Pressure), Supported by the National Iranian Gas Company.

14) Fracture Mechanics Analysis of CNG Composite Cylinders, Supported by the Iranian Organization of Fuel Consumption Optimization.

15) Mixed Mode Fracture Mechanics Analysis of a Four Point Bend Specimen.

16) Simulation of Dynamic Fracture of a DCB Specimen Using Remeshing FE Technique.

17) Simulation of the Hot Rolling Process of the Steel Sheets with the Aim of Flatness Control (Under Supervision, Students: Manafi, M., Rezaei S. and Asadi M.: Azad University).

18) FE Simulation of Turning Process of Round Bars (Student: Askari M.: Azad University).

19) Design and Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring for a Specific Vehicle (Student: Ghanian M.A.: Azad University).

20) Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrations of Cables Supporting Moving Mass (Student: Ghadiri M., 2005).

21) 3-Dimensional FE Simulation of Glass Sheet Cutting with an Impinging Hot Air Jet (Student: Bordbar Gh., 2006).

22) Experimental Study of the Effects of Filament-Winding Process Parameters on Physical Properties and Mechanical Behaviour of a Full Composite Pressure Vessel, (Student: Jahanmehr F.).



1) Evaluation of Fracture Parameters in Drill pipes of Oil Wells (Supervised, Sharifi, S.M.H., September 2009).

2) Analytical Solution for the Stress Intensity Factors in Semi-elliptical Cracks in Thick-walled Cylinders Subjected to Thermal Stresses (Supervised, Nabavi S.M., 2006).

3) Analysis of anisotropic sector with a radial crack under anti-plane shear loading (Supervised, Student: Ghadiri M., September 2010).

4) Analytical Solution for the Coupled Equations of Contact Mechanics in Symmetrical and Non-symmetrical Problems (Under Supervision).

5) Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Unstable Crack Growth (Under Supervision, Student: Amini M.R.).

6) The Use of Extended Finite Element Method for Crack growth Simulation, (Under Supervision, Student: Abbaszadeh Bidokhti A.).

7) Fatigue Life Estimation of Lap Joints in Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Based on Fracture Mechanics (Under Supervision, Student: Moayeri Kashani H.)