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Civil Engineering Department

 , K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Tel:  (+98) 21 8876 3733    Fax:  (+98) 21 8877 9476

E-Mail: , (where X=syazdi)


Dr. Saeed-Reza  Sabbagh-Yazdi completed his PhD degree at Swansea university (UK) in1997. During his PhD he worked on three dimensional finite volume solution of incompressible flow on unstructured meshes using artificial compressibility method at Swansea University (UK) .


He is working as a professor of Civil Engineering Department at K.N.Toosi University of Technology (Tehran, IRAN). Since 1997 he held following executive positions :

  • Head of Student Entrepreneurship and Talented Students Office in the university (from 2005) .
  • Deputy of education and coordinator of the postgraduate studies of  the university (2004 & 2005) .

  • Director of undergraduate student's office of the university (2003) .

  • Deputy of education and coordinator of the postgraduate studies in Civil Engineering Department (2001 & 2002) .

  • Director of library of the Civil Engineering Department (1998-2000) .


He lectured various courses on Fluid and Structural Mechanics as well as Numerical Solution of Civil Engineering problems for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in Farsi and English. He has also supervised considerable number of MSc and Ph.D. thesis .

  • Subjects taught for the under graduate students: Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Design of Water Transport, Advanced Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Hydraulics, Finite Element Methods, Computational Hydraulics, Design of Hydraulic Structures, Numerical Methods in Water Engineering and Structural Engineering (English course for Kish-Monash Universities International program) .


  • Subjects taught for the under graduate students: Fluid Mechanics II, Static, Strength of Materials (I and II), Introductory Finite Element Method and Static (English course for Kish-Sharif Universities International program) .


During his individual research works and in collaboration with the post graduate students, he extended his research work to numerical simulation of following civil engineering problems :


  • Two and three-dimensional heat generation and transfer in gradual construction of mass concrete structures .

  • Effects of cooling pipe system on cement heat generation and temperature field of massive concretes .

  • Unsteady flow in pipes for solution of pressure oscillations considering water hammer problem in elastic pipe .

  • Two and three-dimensional ground water flow in heterogeneous and anisotropic saturated foundation of gravity dams for computation of uplift and see page .

  • Solute intrusion in coastal confined and unconfined aquifers and effects of underground dams .

  • Bed roughness effects in sub-critical open channels due to geometrical complexities of free surface flow boundaries.

  • Turbulent depth average flow around various shapes of bridge piers .

  • Scouring around bridge piers due to turbulent shear stresses .

  • Erosion, deposition and transport of fine sediment in river hydraulics .

  • Fine sediment transport and horizontal distribution in dam reservoir .

  • Tidal flow and solute transport in geometrically complex fields with arbitrary shape islands (Persian Gulf) .

  • Lake flow considering river in flow, wind stresses and rain-evaporation effects as well as coriolis acceleration due to earth rotation (in Caspian sea) .

  • Oscillating free surface flow in geometrically irregular bottom and boundaries with large  wet and dry tidal flats .

  • Dam reservoir circulation considering stresses and rain-evaporation as well as inflow and out flow from outlet and spillway .

  • Super-critical flow with shock waves in horizontal and sloping chutes .

  • Air concentration distribution in spillway flow due to surface and bottom aeration .

  • Two-dimensional flow due to gradual break of embankment dams .

  • Wind induced turbulent flow around storage tanks .

  • Air pollution transport and diffusion in complex flow fields (urban environment) .

  • Structural deformation of hyper-elastic materials (just started) .


All of the above mentioned numerical simulations have been developed by application of cell centre or cell vertex (overlapping and non-overlapping) finite volume method for solution of governing partial differential equations of desired engineering problem on unstructured meshes .


In addition, he managed to supervise some research works using software packages which use finite element and finite volume method for the solution of engineering problems as :


  • Wind induced pressure load on a group of cooling tower shells .

  • Seepage trough embankment dam considering rapid draw down process .

  • Three dimensional pressure flow in multi-branch penstocks .

  • Two and three dimensional flow around submerged gates- Structural optimization of radial gates .

  • Three dimensional effects of cooling pipe system on cement heat generation and temperature field of massive concretes .
  • Estimation of uplift and super and sub critical flow on structural components of chute and stilling basin .

  • Two-dimensional vertical plane flow over odjee crest spillway, chute and flip bucket using VOF technique .

  • Three dimensional aerated turbulent spill flow on multi-slop chute and stilling basin .
  • Three-dimensional flow around sequential spore dikes (to be completed) .


The details and results of the above mentioned topics and some other research works completed using engineering packages are published in several conference and journal papers .


He is an active member of following scientific associations :


  • ICT Association from 2005 .

  • International Civil Engineering Congress in Iran (Representative of K.N.Toosi University of Technology) from 2001 .

  • Iranian National Hydraulics Association from 1999 (member of Directing Board) .