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K. N. Toosi University

Civil Engineering Department

Saeid-Reza Sabbagh-Yazdi

Taught Lectures

Fluid and Structural Mechanics as well as Numerical Solution Methods which are applied in Civil Engineering subjects were lectured for under-graduates and post-graduate students.


 Subjects taught for the post-graduates:

-          Design of Modern Timber Structure

-          Meshless Methods,

-          Finite Element Methods,

-          Aero-Elasticity for Civil Engineering

-           Bridge Design

-          Advanced Fluid Dynamics,

-          Computational Hydraulics,

-          Design of Hydraulic Structures.


Farsi taught courses for under-graduates:

-          Statics,

-          Strength of Materials,

-          Introductory Finite Element Method,

-          Timber Structures,

-          Bridge Engineering,

-          Green Construction,

-          Fluid Mechanics.


 English courses for under-graduates:

-          Statics (Kish Enterprise - Sharif University of Technology)

-          Structural Engineering (Kish-Monash Universities International program).





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