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Babak Tavassoli


Title :

Assistant Professor

Member of Control Department

Office Address :

Faculty of Electrical Eng.,

K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU),

Sayyed Khandan, P.O.Box: 16315-1355,

Tehran, Iran

Research Interest :

Networked Control Systems,

Hybrid Systems,

Constrained Model Predictive Control

Industrial Automation,

E-mail adrress :


Phone :

+ 98 21 84062408

Fax :

+ 98 21 88462066










         Electrical Engineering - Control Systems, University of Tehran, 2009.

         Thesis: "Design of Control Systems Affected by Delay and Loss in Communication"



         Electrical Engineering - Control Systems, University of Tehran, 2001.

         Thesis: "Helicopter Flight Control Based on Nonlinear Methods."



         Electrical Engineering - Electronics, University of Tehran, 1998.

         Thesis: "Digital Control of Brushless DC Motors"









Research Interests


         Hybrid Systems

         Networked Control Systems

         Industrial Automation

         Constrained Model Predictive Control









Other Professional Experiences

         Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of HDS process in an RTO system (at RIPI).

         Process Measurement Data Validation and Gross Error Detection (at RIPI).

         Implementation of Control Function Blocks According to the Foundation™ Fieldbus Specifications (at Farineh Co.).

         . . .








B. Tavassoli, "Stability of Nonlinear Networked Control Systems over Multiple Communication Links with Asynchronous Sampling", To appear in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.

B. Tavassoli, P. Jabehdar-Maralani, A Probabilistic Approach to Lyapunov Method with Application to Networked Control Systems, 20th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran, 2012.

M. Azadegan, M.T.H. Beheshti, B. Tavassoli, Robust Output Feedback Control of Networked Control Systems with Random Delay Modeled by Markov Chain, 20th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran, 2012.

B. Tavassoli, "A continuous-time approach to networked control of nonlinear systems". 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2011.

R. Safari, B. Tavassoli, Initial Test and Design of a Soft Sensor for Flow Estimation Using Vibration Measurements, International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, and Automation (ICCIA), Dec. 27-29, Shiraz, Iran, 2011.

B. Tavassoli, P. Jabehdar-Maralani, N. Rezaee, "Controller Design over Communication Networks with a Fast Retransmission Strategy Based on Exact Analysis" International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems (2010) 8(4):882-890.

B. Tavassoli, P. Jabehdar-Maralani, N. Rezaee. "Tuning of Control Systems over CSMA Networks" IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 56, No. 4, pp. 1282-1291, 2009.

بررسي نظام علمي و پژوهشي کشور. ب. توسلي, پ. جبه‌دار مارالاني. فصلنامة آموزش مهندسي ايران (گروه علوم مهندسي فرهنگستان علوم جمهوري اسلامي ايران), شمارة 38, صفحات73-88, تابستان 1387.

B. Tavassoli, P. Jabedar Maralani, N. Rezaei. "Analysis of a Control System over Shared Access CSMA Network with Variable Traffic". 16th Iranian Conf. on Electrical Engineering, 2008.

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جايگاه و تأثير دوره هاي دکتري در نظام علمي و پژوهشي کشور. ب. توسلي. همايش تاملی بر دوره های دکتری تخصصی در ايران (26 و 27 ارديبهشت ماه 1386).

B. Tavassoli, P. Jabedar Maralani. "Robust Design of Networked Control Systems with Randomly Varying Delays and Packet Losses". 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2005, Sevilla, Spain.

B. Tavassoli, N. Yazdani. "Simulation and Analysis of Real-Time Dynamical Systems over IP Networks".  International Symposium on Telecommunications, 2005, Tehran, Iran.

B.Tavassoli, M.J. Yazdanpanah. "Robust Control of Time Delay Systems Through a Structured Uncertainty Approach". 16th IFAC World Congress, 2005, Prague, Czech Republic.

B.Tavassoli, C. Lucas. "Evolution of A Multi-Agent System with Distributed Multi-level Memory". IEEE Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems, 2004, Singapore.

تركيب روش تطبيقي با روش جدول‌بندي در كنترل وسائل پرنده. ب.توسلي, س.شمقدري. همايش دومين كنفرانس علمي-كاربردي سازمان صنايع هوا فضا. دي‌ماه 1382.

B.Tavassoli, M.J.Yazdanpanah. "Rotating-engine Speed Control using Event-detection in presence of Uncertainties or disturbances". European Control Conference, 2001, Porto, Portugal.

كنترل غيرخطي پرواز هليكوپتر. ب.توسلي,   م.ج.يزدان‌پناه. همايش اولين كنفرانس علمي-كاربردي سازمان صنايع هوا فضا. شهريور 1379.

تقريب توابع غيرخطي چند متغيره با استفاده از توابع عضويت نامحدود. ب.توسلي, ک. لوکس.  همايش سيستم‌هاي هوشمند, ارديبهشت 1379, دانشگاه تهران.

كنترل ارزان قيمت سرعت موتور بوسيلة كد كنندة چند (يك) پالس بر دور. ب.‌توسلي, ص.‌واعظ‌زاده. هفتمين كنفرانس مهندسي برق ايران, ارديبهشت 1378.









Hybrid Systems, Fall 2013.

Real-time control over networks , Spring 2013.

Industrial Automation , Fall 2012.

Graph theory & Network analysis (with Dr. Moghadamfar) Spring 2012.


Research seminar  , 2nd Semaster 89-90 (2011)


Probability and statistics , Spring 2012.

Instrumentation , Fall 2013.

Electric Circuits I , Spring 2013. 






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