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K. N. Toosi University

Mohammad Ali Ahmadi-Pajouh
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Eng

Why Human Motor Control?

Since my background is in control engineering, and I was interested and engaged in brain learning processes in my MSc and PhD projects, my research is on human motor control system. I worked on modeling of human path planning, estimation of arm impedance using arm model and EMG signals and finaly context dependency of reflexive gains during prepratory period. It is not easy to show how feedback gains change based on context of the task during the movement. Therefore, I designed experiments to show these changes happen during the preparatory period (before start of the movement). This idea suggests a possible interaction between forward control policies which are model-based and feedback policies that are crucial for stabilization of hand. Prof. Reza Shadmehr made me switch to basic science. It was a drastic shift for me, but at the same time I was enjoying it a lot. I'm very interested to continue my research on feedback gains and how they are modulated using experimental and modeling techniques. Making models will help us to have a better understanding about how different control policies are regulated and collaborate to have a better performance in human movements.