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K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Alireza Salehi
MSc, MSc, PhD, Senior Member IEEE, Member InstP
Professor of Nanoelectronics




PhD in Microelectronics (University of Wales, College of Cardiff, UK);

Title of thesis: Radiation damage and thermal treatment in ITO layers and rectifying contacts.



MSc in Electronics (University of Bremen, Germany);

Title of thesis: Wigner Ville transformation and its application in speech processing (in German).



MSc in Electrical Engineering (FH Kiel, Germany);

Title of thesis: Different core factors for transformers (in German).

Courses Taught

A)  Courses taught at different academic years for post graduate students


1)   Optical Electronics (Devices),

2)   Semiconductor Sensors,

3)   Solid State Electronic Devices,

4)     Semiconductor Devices I,

5)     Semiconductor Devices II,

6)     Transparent Conductors,

7)     Theory and Technology of Semiconductor Device Fabrication


B)  Courses taught at different academic years for under graduate students


1)     VLSI Design and Technology,

2)     Modern Physics,

3)     Solid State Electronics,

4)     Research Methods


1.     Nominated researcher of the year 2003 by the Ministry of Higher Education of Iran

2.     Nominated researcher of the year 2001 by the K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


1) Pt-MOSFET hydrogen gas sensor, Patent No. 55359 (Iran-2009)

2) ITO-MOSFET  hydrogen gas sensor Patent no. 55458 (Iran-2009)

2) Pt-MESFET gas sensor, Patent no. 57836 (Iran-2009)

4) ITO-MESFET gas sensor, Patent No. 57835 (Iran-2009)