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  Assistant Professor

 Civil Engineering Faculty

  K.N. Toosi University of Technology

  Tehran, Iran





M.S.C degree at at Amirkabir University

P.H.D degree at Imperial College in London (1995)


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Memberships of IRAVIAN Society of Earthquake Engineering Professional Experience:

- Seismic evaluation of Steel and Concrete Structures.

- Retrofitting of existing buildings.

- Nonlinear dynamic Analysis of Structures.

- Seismic behavior of Steel Structures With Rigid and Semi-Vigid Connections.

- Pseudo dynamic testing of Steel Frames.

- Experimental Works on Semi-Vigid Steel Frames.

- Experimental Works on Retrofitting of Concrete Columns With FRP.

- Seismic behavior of masonry Structures.






 University Position

Assistant Prof. of Civil Eng. Dept.

Head of Earthquake Eng. Session.






:Courses Taught

- Earthquake Engineering.

- Design of Structures against Earthquake Loads.

- Static.






Field of Interest

Seismic behavior of Steel and Concrete Structures Seismic evaluation and retrofitting of different building Seismic behavior of different Connections in Steel Structures.






- "Seismic Assessment of Evin-Valley Bridge by 3-D inelastic Dynamic Analysis", Journal of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Volume4, No4, Winter 2003.


- "Response of Semi-vigid Steel Frames to Cyclic and Earthquake Loads", Journal of Structural Engineering", August 1996.


- "Seismic Performance of Semi-vigid Steel Frames", Proceeding of the Sixth SEeED Conference on Seismic design Practice into the next century", Oxford, UK, March 1998.


- "Dynamic Amplification factor for Column Design in Codes" 12th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Paper of Mixed Steel Structures", 12th WCEE, 2000 Paper reference 140.


- "Seismic behavior of Mixed Steel Structures", 12th WCEE, 2000, Paper reference 190.


- "bilinear Model approach for Cyclic and dynamic analysis of Semi-vigid Steel Frames", 8th Canadian Conference Earthquake Engineering, Vancourer,1999


- "The influence of masonry infill Walls on dynamic behavior of Concrete Structures", 13th WCEE, London, 2004.


-"Design Recommendation for Semi-vigid Steel Frames in Seismic Zones", 11th European Conference in Earthquake Engineering, 1998, Paris.


- "Seismic evaluation and Retrofitting of an Old Concrete Building", 1st ECEES Conference, Geneva,2006, Paper Reference 118.





 Thesis Supervised

- "Dynamic amplication Factor for Column design in Seismic Zones".

- "Verification of IRAN Code design Spectra Using existing Data".

- Dis Placement - based Method for Seismic design of Structures.

- Seismic evaluation of tall concrete buildings and Melhod of Retrofitting.

- Modeling of Masonry infill Walls Using Contact element Against the Static and dynamic Loads.

- Seismic Assessment of Hafez Steel Bridge Under Static and dynamic Loads.

- Seismic behavior of Karoon III Concrete Arch dam.

- The influence of Vertical Component of earthquake ground Monition on Steel Structures.

- Vulnerability evaluation of R/C Frames Considering The masonry infill Walls.

- Nonlinear behavior of rigid Connection in Iranian eode(2800) and its influence on global behavior of Structure.

- Comparison of nonlinear dynamic behavior of Steel Structures With Various Bracing Systems.

- Ductility behavior of The Steel Frames With gate bracing System.

- Comparison of IRANIAN Code regulations With Standard retrofitting Procedure (Fema 356) For R/C Structure.

- Comparison of IRANIAN Code regulations. With Standard  Retrofitting Procedure (fema 273) for Steel bracing Frames Structure.

- Evaluation of nonlinear behavior of bolted Connections Under dynamic Loads.

- Seismic Assessment of Evin - Valley Bridge by 3-D inelastic Dynamic analysis.

- Seismic behavior of Mixed Steel Structures.




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