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* Advanced general relativity

* Gravitation

* Quantum field theory

* Introduction of elementary particles

* Cosmology

* Special relativity

* Advanced quantum mechanics

* Introduction to astronomy and astrophysics

* Mathematical physics

* Data analysis and statistics

* Classical mechanics

* Introduction to quantum information





My research publication can be found in the following link:

Javad Taghizadeh Firouzjaee

جواد تقی زاده فیروزجایی


Cosmology: Dark energy and dark matter

Dark energy and dark matter constitute most of the observable Universe. Yet the physical nature of these two objects remains a mystery. One of my main interests is to study the nature of these two matter and energy by probing the relative observations and running appropriate codes to simulate the new ideas.


Data science and construction of radio telescopes

Part of my scientific activity at the University is devoted to the study of data science and its application in physical data and the construction of radio telescopes at low prices. These activities work together with the team of the Cosmology Group in the PDAT Lab. Details of this type of activity can be found on its site.


Cosmological black hole

Cosmological black-holes, that mean collapsed structures within a FRW universe, are still not well-studied objects. The cosmological structures we have already constructed allow us to study their collapsed states and the structures of their apparent and dynamical horizon. Studies on this black hole can lead to a more precise prediction for the supermassive and primordial black hole observational parameters.


Black holes physics: Particle creation

 There are some fundamental questions in the black hole radiation. One problem is the information loss problem and the final fate of the black hole. I would like to study this problem in the semi-classical physics….


Relativistic cosmology

General relativity gives a compatible scenario in cosmology. From early universe physics, we can generate the seed for cosmological structures from the quantum fluctuation. However, precise analysis for structure formation at large scale structure and early universe need relativistic perturbation theory. I would like to study the relativistic correction for the cosmological parameters…

Quantum physics

 Since the measurement is one of the most important unsolved problem in quantum physics which can play an important role in Black hole information loss and quantum gravity, I’m interested to study this problem in the relativistic framework and apply it to early universe and black hole physics...