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  Assistant Professor

 Civil Engineering Faculty

  K.N. Toosi University of Technology

  Tehran, Iran





v     Polytechnical of Wales (UCC), Cardiff, UK          1982-1986

  •       BSc (Hon) Civil Engineering

v    University of Wales (UCC), Cardiff, UK                1986-1988

  •      MSc Civil Engineering

v    University of Wales (UCS), Swansea, UK              1988-1992

  •    PhD Geotechnical Engineering




 University Position


  • Head of Geotechnical Engineering Group, (June 2008 - May 2011)



:Courses Taught



  • Soil Mechanics
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Earth Dam Engineering
  • Foundation Engineering


  • Theory of Plasticity
  • Advanced Soil Mechanics
  •  Finite Element Methods
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Site Investigation
  • Earth Dam Engineering
  • Theory of Elasticity





Field of Interest

  • Numerical Methods
  • Constitutive modeling






v    F. Kalantary, Continuum Mechanics,(In Farsi), Guilan Uni. Publications, 2001.

v    F. Kalantary and H. Shaverdi, Soil Mechanics (in Farsi), Jahesh Publishers, 2009.



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·         H. MolaAbasi, F. Kalantary,  M. Salahi, Uncertainty in shear wave Velocity Based on Standard Penetration Teat by Using Error Least Square  Model, Journal of Engineering Geology, Vol. 9(2) ,2013, 1559-1576

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·         Rajabi, M.SH., Nikookar, M and Kalantary, F., Deep excavation and stabilization of excavation walls of central branch of KarAfarin bank, THIRD.Int.Conf on New developments in soil mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering organised by the Turkish National Committee of soil mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering and near East University, pp 253-259, June 2012.

·         Kalantary, F. and Jahangiri Mamori, S, An Investigation on the dilative behaviour of crushed rock, Proc. 17th. Int. Conf. Soil Mech. and Geotech. Eng., Alexandria, Eygpt, Oct. 2009.

·         Kalantary, F., Ahmadi, H. and Arabani, M.,, A hyperbolic behaviour model for partially saturated fine soils, Proc 9th. WSEAS Int. Conf. on Math. & Computational Methods, Trinidad, 2007.

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·         Kalantary, F. and Sadeghi, P., Constitutive modelling of roller compacted concrete, Proc. 4th. Int. Symp. On RCC Dams, Madrid, pp 619-624, Nov. 2003.

·         Kalantary, F., Aghajani, M., Hardening behaviour of stablized marl with cement, Proc. 1st. Ground Improvement Conf., Amir Kabir Uni., Tehran, Iran, March. 2001.

·         Kalantary, F., Micro-mechanical modeling of powder compaction,  Proc. 5th.Int.Conf. Mech. Eng., Guilan University, Rasht, Iran, June 2000.

·         Sharma, K.N., Pande, G.N., Kalantary, F. and Middelton, J.,, Numerical simulation of isostatic pressing for elimination of defects, Proc. 4th. Int. Conf. HIP, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, Nov. 1990




 Thesis Supervised







Length optimization of reinforcements in geogrid reinforced slopes

Eiman Reza


study on bio clogging of sandy soil

Yousef Danesh Azari


Dimensional analysis of scaled geopires

Morteza Majidi


Comparative study of the spatial variability of soil mechanics

Ehsan Zeinali

winter 2012

Constitutive model for rock fill materials & optimization material constitutive by PSO algorithm

Javad Sadoghi Yazdi

Autumn 2012

Evaluation of mud-mat settlement on very deep sea loose clay using eulerian-lagrangian large deformation approach

S.Amir Tabatabaei


Modeling of discontinuities in unsaturated porous media

Fatemeh Dastjerdy









Graduate Students




Online Courses






v    Senior Consultant of Granteen Consult. Eng.                                   2003-2014

·       Consultancy in Geotechnical Engineering

·       Consultancy in Structural Re-Habilitation

·       In situ and Laboratory Services

v    Research Fellow, Building and Housing Research Centre              2001-2014

·       Founder of National Geotechnical Database

·       Head of Geotechnical Standard Committee

·       Member of Technical Committee of Geotech. Eng. Dept.

v    Head of Geotechnical Engineering Department, Moshanir Co.      1999-2005

·       Project Manager, Tehran Metro-Line 3

·       Geotechnical Investigations of Gotvand Dam and Karon V Dam projects

·       Geotechnical Investigations of a number of other HEPP projects

·       Geotechnical Investigations of five Thermal Power Plants

·       Geotechnical Investigations of tens of H.V. sub-stations

v    Senior Engineer, IDRO Construction Co. (MANA)                       1996-1999

·       Deputy Head and Project Control Manager, Tehran Metro O2 Station

·       Site Manager, Idoghmosh Dam Project

·       Detailed Design of the 23m Retaining Structure, Tehran Exhibition Centre

v    Miscellaneous Consultancy                                                            1992-2009

·       Rah-Va-Sakhteman Construction Company, Various Projects

·       Vaisa Construction Company, West Terminal Project

·       Loshan Municipality, City Council Mosque

·       Guilan Water Authorities, Three dam projects

·       Kohestan Rah Consultants, Naiband Road Project

·       Daryabandar Consultants, Asaluyieh and Anzali Harbour Projects

·       Nofan Construction Company, Railway Bridge on Gharanghoo River

·       Abkavosh Consultants, Behbahan and Jayezan Irrigation Project

·       Zanjan Water Authorities, Talvar Chi Irrigation Project

·       Tehran Housing Development Company, Qazvin Commercial Centre Project




Address: Civil Engineering Faculty, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, No. 1346, Vali Asr Street, Mirdamad Intersection, Tehran, Iran

P.O.Box:  15875-4416                          Postal Code:  19967-15433


Phone: +98(21)88779474-5(EXT. 407)

Mobile:   +98 912 1069256

Fax:       +98(21)88779476








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