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       Professor Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

        K.N.Toosi University of Technology

        Faculty of Electrical Engineering

        Department of Power Systems

        Distribution Systems and Energy Management Lab.

    Address: 46 Lambert Rd., Thornhill, Markham,Toronto,
    L3T7E3 Ontario,Canada
    phone: +1(514) 806-0029
    Publication Record: Google Scholar
    Web of Science


    Masoud Aliakbar Golkar was born in Tehran Iran in 1954. He received his BSc degree from the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran-Iran in 1977, MSc from the Oklahoma State University USA in 1979, and his PhD degree from the Imperial college of Science, technology, and Medicine  (The University of London, UK) in 1986, all in Electrical Engineering (Power Systems).
    Since 1979 he has been teaching and doing research at K N Toosi University of Technology. Dr Golkar is the advisor of the Tehran Electricity Board, Shiraz Electricity Board, and Bandar Abbas Electricity Board in the field of Distribution Systems. He has worked part time as the head of research group for Distribution studies at Electric Power Research center (EPRC) for more than 10 years.
    From Jan 2002 to July 2005 Dr Golkar has served as a Senior Lecturer at  Curtin University of Technology in Malaysia.
    His main Research areas are Distributed Generation Studies, Smart Grid, Reactive Power Studies, Loss calculations and Reduction in Distribution Systems, Power system Studies, Distribution System Optimization & automation, voltage Collapse Studies, Distribution Systems study by Probabilistic Methods, Renewable Energy Studies, and Load and Energy Management.



    - Over 35 years of experience in research and teaching with focus on renewable energy systems, smart grid, distributed generations, and modern distribution systems.

    - Supervised more than 17 PhD level and 58 MSc students.

    - The best researchers in Electrical Engineering in Iran selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Iran in 1998.

    - Authored two books and six book chapters.

    - Published more than 105 journal papers and 230 conference papers in prestigious journals in the fields of power systems, and electric distribution systems.

    - Have been awarded more than 1,885,000 USD of research and development grants.

    - Have more than 25 years of academic administrative experience serving as the head of electrical engineering department, vice dean for research and academic affairs,
      and head of power center.

    - Have extensive experience in industrial projects serving as the head of several research and development.

    - Acted as the senior advisor of several provincial electricity boards.