Hamed Khanmirza

Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering Department
K. N. Toosi University

Email: h.khanmirza (AT) kntu (DOT) ac (DOT) ir
Phone: +98 (21) 84062485
Manager of KNTU HPC Center
Distributed Systems & Iot Research Lab

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I received my Bsc, Msc and PHD from University of Tehran, Iran, in 2001, 2004 and 2015, respectively. My main interests are distributed systems specially in large scales (IoT, Sensor Networks) and Software-Defined Networking.


My research interest is Distributed systems and algorithms. Currently, I am working on the following topics:


SDN meets IoT
In this research, we implement various protocols and algorithms for IOT networks with the new SDN paradigm. Our experiments is conducted on a real testbed, currently having 25 nodes.

Distributed Primitives in IoT
We implement and measure various distributed algorithms and protocols in IoT networks specially in Bluetooth 5.0 networks
Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Rule compression in SDN networks
SDN-enabled switches have TCAM memory to speedup packet matching operations with rules. However, TCAM memories are available in small capacities due to high power consumption and cost. In this research, we try to compress SDN rules to accommodate more of them inside the limited memory of switches or place rules.
Rule Placement Problem: Path Length Tradeoff
This research aims to place extra rules in the data-plane by using spare rooms in tables of other switches. By this strategy, paths of flows get longer, but the load of the controller reduces significantly.
Live Streaming in SDN World
We measure and optimize different aspects of live streaming in the SDN world. Our measurements are done in a rather large hybrid IPv4 and SDN network to compare the performance in these two worlds.



Graduate Courses: Undergraduate Courses:
  • Operating System
  • Logic Circuits
  • Programming Fundamentals (C)
  • Advanced Programming Concepts (Java)
  • Computer Networks



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Research Projects

  1. Smart Office:
    We implement and deploy a smart office system using BLE tags for tracking intended employees and guests. This system provides real-time tracking, historical heatmap, and geo-guarding (alerts when people enter locations not intended to enter!)

  3. Telemetry viewer and Command Planner for a national research satellite

  5. Custom IPSec implementation from scratch
    • A custom implementaion of IPSec protocol in Linux. It supports site-to-site and host-host and host-site configurations
    • We successfully secured a virtual Windows instance using this protocol. We use a virtual windows and fully control its one virtual network adapter in the underlying Linux os. We also hide Linux even its boot process in a way that user only sees a Windows and totally not aware of running on Linux.


Academic Activities & Honors

  • Young professors Grant Award
  • Reviewer of IEEE Communications Magazine
  • Reviewer of Scientia Iranica Journal
  • Reviewer of JIST Journal
  • Reviewer of ICSPIS 2020 (Conference on Signal Processing & Intelligent Systems)
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Opportunities and Challenges Workshop (6 hour workshop in my Distributed Systems Course)
  • ONOS Workshop in ICEE 2017
  • Reviewer of ICEE 2017 Conference (ّIranian Conference of Electrical Engineering)