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  Assistant Professor

 Civil Engineering Faculty

  K.N. Toosi University of Technology

  Tehran, Iran




M.Sc. (Civil Eng.), Tehran Univ., Iran (1974)


 Member of the University Publications Committee

Deputy of Research at the Department of Civil Engineering


:Courses Taught

  Statics, solid mechanics, structural analysis I & II, computer (matrix and finite-

element) analysis of structures, specialized English (since 1978)


Fields of Interest

 Linear and nonlinear analysis of structures, software development, study &

 research on various aspects of structural mechanics and design



- Statics (14th Print), taught as a standard text throughout the country

- Elementary Structural Analysis

- Principles of Structural Analysis

- Behavior of Structural Elements

- Standard Handbook of Structural Engineering Analysis & Design

- Matrix & Computer Analysis of Structures

- Theory & Problems in the Finite Element Analysis

- A Pocketbook of Mathematics for Engineers

- BASIC and Practical Programming on Microcomputers

- Programming in FORTRAN

- Reinforced Concrete Details

- Concreting of Floor Slabs

- Clothoids in Route Design

- A Collection of Engineering Formulas, Tables and Charts

- An English-Persian Dictionary of Soil Mechanics

- Structures (vol. 1)

- Structures (vol. 2)

- Structures (vol. 3)

- Structures (vol. 4)

(The four volumes above constitute the most comprehensive literature in the

    world on classical structural analysis)

- Mechanics of Aircraft Structures

- Fundamentals of Civil Engineering and Related Sciences

- Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures according to British Standards and


- Dynamic Analysis of Structures (a booklet)

- Elastic Stability of Structures (a booklet)

 - Also cooperated in the edition of a book on Structural Analysis which was

 elected as the country’s Book of the Year (1982), and supervised the edition

 of a book on The Test Questions & Detailed Answers on Structures for

 Masters Degree Entrance Competitions (2002)


 Conference  Papers

- Computer Analysis of Structures Consisting of Non-prismatic Members - An

 Efficient Approach; Proceedings, 4th International Conference on Civil

 Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, May 4-6, 1997

- Investigation of the Elastic Behavior & Analysis of Structures Consisting of

 Non-prismatic Members; Proceedings, Canadian Society for Civil Engineers

 (CSCE) Annual Conference, Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, Canada, May

 27-30, 1997.


Recent Research Reports

 Research projects on The Elastic Behavior and Analysis of Non-prismatic

 Members which resulted in the development of three computer programs,

 namely, MAG (Member Analysis & Graphics), FAST (Flexibility And

 STiffness matrices) and FEE (Fixed-End Effects) for the computation of

 various quantities in non-prismatic members with any cross-sectional shapes

 and properties, and any types of variation (stepped, linear, parabolic, etc., and

 their combinations) in their dimensions (1993-95)


- Development of the most efficient and accurate computer program, IFA

 (Interactive Frame Analysis) for elastic analysis of rigid-jointed frame

 structures consisting of non-prismatic members with no limitations regarding

 types of loading, cross-sectional shapes or dimensional variations (1995-97)


- A research project on the linear and non-linear response of structures with

 non-uniform members; development of a computer program, VISTA (VIsual

 STructural Analysis) for comprehensive linear and nonlinear analysis of any

 frame, beam, truss or compound structure consisting of any combination of

 prismatic and/or non-prismatic members of any cross-sectional shapes, any

 types of dimensional variations along their lengths, any type of joint and

 member loading and support settlement conditions, any type of connections

 (including hinges and slides) between members; computation and plotting of

 axial & shear force and bending moment diagrams, local axial and flexural

 displacement diagrams for each member and global deformation of the whole

 structure to any desired scale, with all the quantities at all points (only a few

 cm apart!), maxima and minima and their locations; computation (and plotting)

of influence lines and various maximum effects of moving live loads (point and

 distributed) on bridges and gabled frame structures of constant and variable

 section, critical moving-load conditions, etc., all with the highest degree of

 accuracy and within a few seconds! The only software in the world with such

 capabilities, efficiency and accuracy (since December 2)


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  Awards and Recognitions

Cited for outstanding achievements in the quality of teaching, publications, etc.,

 by consecutive university chancellors, heads of the Civil Engineering

 Department and Iranian Society of Civil Engineers at various occasions.



Iranian Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers

Canadian Society for Civil Engineers




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