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K. N. Toosi University

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Dr. M. Memarianfard

         Lectures Taught
  1. Radiation Pollution
  2. Air Pollution Modeling
  3. GIS in Environmental Engineering
  4. GIS in Air Pollution
  5. Mathematics 1
  6. Mathematics 2
  7. Differential Equations
  8. Numerical Computations
  9. Air Pollution and its control
Fields of Interest

Air pollution modeling and techniques for reducing human exposure to air pollution

Assessment of air pollution effects on the respiratory system

Evaluation of emissions and air quality in megacities

Indoor air quality testing

Techniques for measuring environmental contaminants

Climate change modeling and global warming

Meteorological services to aviation

Analysis of the effects of meteorology on aircraft exhaust dispersion

Spatial and temporal modeling

Mapping environmental data using satellite remote sensing data and GIS

Improvement the environmental sustainability of cities and the built environment

Estimation of environmental contaminants using ANN and hybrid models

GIS for emergency management

Radiation contamination and environmental monitoring

Emissions and Dispersion Modeling System

The impacts of aircraft emissions during the landing and takeoff cycle on PM concentrations