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K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering


Masoud Mirzaei - Professor



Ph.D.:  Mechanical Engineering-Thermo- Fluid   (2000)  

Tarbiat Modares University,  Tehran, Iran.


M.Sc.:  (Mechanical Engineering Thermo- Fluid)   (1993) 

   Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnique), Tehran, Iran.


B.Sc.:  Mechanical Engineering Thermo- Fluid   (1990) 

   Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.


Honors and Awards


2013- K.N.Toosi University of  Tecnology best Researcher award.

2009- K.N.Toosi University of  Tecnology  best Instructor award.

1999-Tarbiat Modares  University best  Ph.D.  student  of  Mechanical Engineering award

1995- Iranian Higher Education Ministry Ph.D scholarship.

1994-Amirkabir University of Technology best  MSc student  of  Mechanical  Engineering award.


Lectures Taught

Graduate Courses:

Flow Control

Computational Fluid Dynamics –I (CFD-I),

Computational Fluid Dynamics-II (CFD-II)

Finite element methods in Fluid Flow

Supersonic Aerodynamics

Subsonic Aerodynamics

Compressible flows

Hypersonic Aerodynamics

Undergraduate Courses:

Fluid Mechanics

Viscous flows




Aerodynamics Labratory

Heat exchanger Design

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Computer Aided Design

Design and Manufacturing of Aerospace Engineering System (With Co-operation of Dr. Emami from University of Toronto)



Fields of Interest

Active fluid flow control using plasma actuators and synthetic jets (experimental and numerical).


Aerodynamic optimization using adjoint equations.


Fluid flow and heat transfer simulation using Lattic Boltzman Method (LBM)


Fluid-Solid Interaction (FSI)

Multidisplinary Design and Optimization (MDO)