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Hello and thank you for your interest in this template! Before you jump to any conclusions about it, please me explain the idea behind it.

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First of all, this design was made by request from a friend who holding html/css classes for beginners. He asked me to create a design that was "so simple that even [his] grandmother would be able to use it", that he could use as an example in his classes. I couldn't resist a challenge like that!

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There were some specific requests for the design, to make sure that it would work with the way my friend teaches. The content had to be separated from the presentation, and every part of the design had to be made in way that would be easy to understand - and learn from. No advanced tricks, and minimal use of IDs or .classes in the stylesheet. A fixed position site menu and some neutral images was also asked for.


The easiest way to see my approach on the challenge is to view the code. Download the template and play with it for a while, and you will hopefully see that this every part of the template is created in an easy and effective way. For those of you who want some more information, I will try to explain how this design was built. Here are some short facts:

Research Interests  :

The example images are all made by myself using one of my own photos, and you have my full permission to use those images in any way you want to. However, I recommend that you replace them with something of your own. The photo shows a violet flower, by the way...

To make the fixed positioning of the sidebar work with Internet Explorer, a conditional comment and an extra CSS file has been used. I would normally not do that, but the fixed sidebar was requested and I don't know about any better way to make it work without adding scripts (which is not an option). If you know any better way, please let me know!


Good luck with your new website!


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