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Dr. Tavakol Pakizeh

Associate Professor

EE-Telecomm (Waves & Optics) <> Faculty of Electrical Engineering

K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU)

Latest Education


Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Gothenburg, Sweden.

Post-Doctorate, Applied-physics Dept.

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Recent Publications

1. K. Lodewijks, N. Maccaferri, T. Pakizeh, et al., Nano Letters 14, 2014.
2. Zh. Pirzadeh, T. Pakizeh, et al., ACS Photonics 1, 2014.
3. L. Tong, T. Pakizeh, et al., Nature:
Sci. Rep. 3, 2013.

4. T. Pakizeh, JOSA-B 29, 2012.

Fields of Interest

 Microwave and optical components

  Complex Electrodynamics and optical Media  
Radio and optical telecomm, photonic networks
Nano-optics, photonics, nanoplasmonics