Mahmood Yahyai  (PhD Structural Engineering)

    Associate Professor

    Civil Engineering Department

    K.N.Toosi University of Technology

    P. O. Box: 15875-4416, TEHRAN, IRAN



    TEL: +98-21-8877-0006

    FAX: +98-21-8873-3515







Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Analysis of Structures

Principle of Earthquake Engineering

Principal Wind and Earthquake Engineering


Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity

Wind Engineering

Structural Dynamics (I)

 Structural Dynamics (II)


Invited Lecture

"Structure of Iranian Land mark" Architecture of Iran University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 2009  







Research carried out during sabbatical: "Retrofitting of Cracked Composite Beams in Bridges Due to Fatigue Loading"





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