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K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Department of Civil Engineering

Farhad Yazdandoost



Farhad Yazdandoost received his university education and gained engineering consulting experience in the U.K. Since joining K. N. Toosi University of Technology- Tehran in 1991, he has served as its Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vice-Chancellor for Research, and Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs. While seconded to industry, he has acted as Director-General of the Research Bureau of the Water Affairs of the Ministry of Energy-Iran and was later appointed as the founding President of Iran's National Water Research Institute directing research, innovation, and capacity development on different aspects of water resources management and engineering, at the national and regional level. Engaging in reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan's water sector and commissioning numerous national and regional research and development projects are some of his achievements which he later pursued in his capacity as the director of the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management, under the auspices of UNESCO. He was appointed as the chancellor of the K N Toosi University of Technology in 2019. 

Farhad Yazdandoost has authored many scientific and technical publications and has led national/regional research programmes and study projects. He has supervised over 100 postgraduate (Ph.D. and Master) theses and his research interests include hydro-climate systems, sustainable development, resilience risk management, urban drainage management, and integrated water resources management. The development of practical toolboxes addressing complex water allocation problems and the advancement of resilient approaches to various water issues has earned him insight into providing knowledge base solutions to complex problems. He has held leading roles in international learned and scientific associations and has contributed widely as co-editor of globally renowned scientific journals. Amongst his various professional activities, membership of the Council of the International Association of Hydroenvironment Engineering and Research - IAHR, the Council of the World Association on Sedimentation and Erosion Research - WASER, and the Task Force Group on International Sedimentation Initiative - ISI, UNESCO, may be pointed out.


Lectures Taught

Undergraduate Courses:

Civil Engineering Hydraulics,

Fluid Mechanics,

Hydraulic Modelling,

Engineering Economics

Fundamentals of Dam Engineering


Graduate Courses:

Advanced Hydraulics,

Advanced Applied Hydrology,

River Engineering and River Basin Management,

Hydraulic Structures,

Water Resources Economics,

Advanced Hydraulic Physical Modelling,

Sediment Transport,

Unsteady Flow Regimes,

Flood Control Engineering and Management




Ph.D.  1990,  Civil Engineering-Hydraulics, University of Bradford, UK  

M.Sc.  1986,  Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Bradford, UK  

B.Sc.   1983,  Civil Engineering, University of

Manchester, UK

GCE “A” Levels  1979, Walsall College of

Technology, Birmingham, UK