Dr. Amir Abbas Najafi
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Ph.D. Dissertations

1.Etebari, Farhad, Developing choice-based revenue management models, Advisor, Doctoral Thesis, KNTU, 2013.
2.Nedaie, Ali, Developing support vector machine to solve multi-output classification problems, Supervisor, Doctoral Thesis, KNTU, 2017.
3.Yahyatabar Arabi, Ali, Developing condition based maintenance for series-parallel systems, Supervisor, Doctoral Thesis, KNTU, 2018.
4.Nabipoor Afruzi, Elham, Resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem under uncertainty conditions‎, Advisor, Doctoral Thesis, KNTU, 2019.
5.Rezaei, Fatemeh, Development of project scheduling model emphasizing risk measurements, Supervisor, Doctoral Thesis, KNTU, 2021.
K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Faculty of Industrial Engineering