Major research projects

• Developing “Kavosh” image search engine based on CBIR and keywords search, 2012 ~ 2017.
• Intelligent classification of web pages using contextual and visual features, 2011~2012.
• Developing a professional billing system for IaaS and PaaS technology in cloud computing, 2016~2017.
• Developing a virtual Tour for “Science & Technique Museum”, 2016~2017.
• Reliability improvement in artificial neural networks for classification of bill notes, 2001~2004 (Japan).
• A comprehensive research on Detecting Near-Duplicates in Persian Documents, 2010.

Some selected supervised theses

• Implementation of Data fusion in database layer of PaaS environment in cloud computing, Erfan Nourani, Feb. 2016.
• Abnormal Behaviors Detection in Crowd Scenes in Video Sequences, Faegheh Negini, Feb. 2015.
• Extracting semantic relatedness in textual documents based on concepts from Wikipedia knowledge base, Amin Mosallanejad, Oct. 2014.
• Drowsiness Detection in Drivers by using Face Images Analysis, Erfan Amani, Oct. 2013.
• Learning Improvement in Intelligent Assistant Agents for Earthquake Crisis Management by Use of Learning Automata, Maryam Khani, June 2013.
• Plagiarism Detection in Persian Texts Using Finger-print Algorithms, Kobra Kamran, Feb. 2013.
• Implementation of a Virtual Tennis Game Using Advanced Learning Algorithms, Amir Jafari, Feb. 2012.
• Application of Case Based Reasoning in Implementation of an Intelligent Health Advisory System using Temporal Approach, Hamed Banaei, Feb. 2012.
• MicroRNA Target Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks, Hamed Ahmadi, Oct. 2011.
• Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Virtual Environment for Customer Interaction Using Autonomous Fuzzy Agents, Kaveh Hassani, 2010.
• Design and Implementation of an E-learning Web-based Software, Saman Gerami Moghadam, 2010.