Educational & Research Experiences

• Supervision of a large number of graduate theses.
• Member of technical committee for 18th and 19th Iranian Int'l Electrical Engineering Conference (2010, 2011).
• Member of executive committee for 7th Int'l Conference on Information and Cryptology (2010).
• Member of technical committee for 11th Iranian Conference on Intelligent Systems (ICIS2013).

Some selected theses supervised by me recently:

• Drowsiness Detection in Drivers by using Face Images Analysis, Erfan Amani, Oct. 2013.
• Quality Improvement of Interactive Tutorial-Like Systems by Use of Cellular Learning Automata, Hajar Hajary, Feb. 2013.
• Plagiarism Detection in Persian Texts Using Finger-print Algorithms, Kobra Kamran, Feb. 2013.
• Implementation of a Virtual Tennis Game Using Advanced Learning Algorithms, Amir Jafari, Feb. 2012.
• Application of Case Based Reasoning in Implementation of an Intelligent Health Advisory System using Temporal Approach, Hamed Banaei, Feb. 2012.
• MicroRNA Target Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks, Hamed Ahmadi, Oct. 2011.
• Skin Color Detection Using Cellular Learning Automata And Application In Face Detection, Mohammad Reza Panahzadeh, 2011.
• Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Virtual Environment for Customer Interaction Using Autonomous Fuzzy Agents, Kaveh Hassani, 2010.
• Design and Implementation of an E-learning Web-based Software, Saman Gerami Moghadam, 2010.
• Design and Implementation of a New Hybrid Neural Network Classifier for Intelligent Classification of Network Packets, Amir Jalili Irani, 2010.
• Implementation of an Intelligent Visual and Interactive Environment using Virtual Reality, Alireza Erfani, 2010.
• Increasing Biological Significance of the Genes within Clusters of Microarray, Ghasem Razavi zadegan, 2009.

• A comprehensive research on Detecting NearDuplicates in Persian Documents, 2010.
• A Study on practical problems in WAN systems in Iran, sponsored by Iran Customs Organization, 1997.

Honors & Grants Obtained

• Selected as Dominant Researcher in the K.N.Toosi University, 2013 (1392).

• Iran IT Organization grant for project of "Web Image Search Engine", Aug. 2011

• Iran IT Organization grant for project of "Web pages Intelligent Classification", July. 2011

• 21st Century COE Postdoctoral Fellowship (Japan Ministry of Education& Culture& Science Scholarship)

• Monbusho Scholarship for M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Japan Ministry of Education& Culture& Science Scholarship)

Thesis Title: Reliability Improvement in Neural Networks Classifiers Applied for Bank Note Recognition Task.

Thesis Title: Recognition of Printed Persian characters by approach to Neural Network.

Thesis Title: Development of a Graphic Database for Power Transmission Lines & Ports.