Capacity Ratingt

Any standard battary must have a predefined capacity. This would be much more important for the cells that are being connected in series and parallel to make a battery module or pack. Therefore, capacity of each individual cells must be obtained and the cells must be sorted according to their capacity.
The capacity
Battery and Energy Generators Research Lab, offers the following instruments for capacity rating of the cells, modules, and packs:
Neware 5V-12A   
  • Neware 5V-12Amps battery tester and cycler
  • is fully automated for charging and discharging cycles. It can take any desirable program for charging, resting and discharging together with cycle numbers. Then the cells can be charged and discharged with the user input data. As the result, the device will generates lots of data via tables and curves. This device also benefits an automated matching software which can sort the cells or batteries according to their capacity.
    Neware 30V-60A   
  • Neware 30V-60Amps battery tester and cycler
  • has the same functionality as the previous one, but this tester has higher voltage and current range.
    Smart Charger
  • Smart Charger
  • is a very simple-to-use device for charging or discharging battery cells and packs. It can either charge the battery or discharge it. The device has internal load balancing algorithm for safe charging of the cells. It can charge a single cell or a pack of battery up to 6 cells in series. The maximum voltage can reach 30V and the charging curren to 20A. The discharge current is limited to 5A. By this device, you can charge the battery pack and then discharge it unitil the end of discharge is reached. Then the discharge capacity is automatically calculated and reported by the device.
    Active Load
  • Active Load
  • is an active load which can discharge any type of cell or battery from 0.7V to 50V. The discharge current may reach up to 20A. The device can be connected to a PC or laptob via a universal serial bus (USB) port to store the results is a file. There are 4 pieces of Active Load in Battery and Energy Generators Research Lab, which can be connected in parallel to boost the discharge current up to 80A. Hence, any battery pack up to 50V and up to 80A is welcome.



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