Cyclic life test

Cyclic life of batteries indicates their life time and is defined by many standards. Each standard has its own definition for obtaining the cyclic life, depending on the battery technology and operating mode. In Battery and Energy Generators Research Lab, the cyclic lif of the cells can be obtained using different devices:


Neware 5V-12A   
  • Neware 5V-12Amps battery tester and cycler
  • is designed to analyse battery cells up to 5V which is quite suitable for almost any cell including lead-acid, NiCad, NiMH, Li-ion and any other technology. The device can also be used for testing the capasitors, supercaps, solar cells (with voltage less than 5V) and more. The battery packs with voltage less than 5V, the cycler can be used without any consideration. The device contains 16 distinct channel each of wich can test from 1mA to 12A. For increasing the accuracy, 3 different voltage levels are controlled internally, so that the controllers become quite accurate. For higher required currents, the channels can be used in parallel (up to 4 channels) and deliver 48A which is quite enough for many systems. The device can be used for obtaining the cyclic life of the cells, up to 65536 cycles. All the fucntions are automatically taken care of and the resutls are stored in local files for further usage.
    Neware 30V-60A   
  • Neware 30V-60Amps battery tester and cycler
  • is and automated accurate cycler which can perform cyclic tests with whatever program that you want. The test can be carried on the battery packs up to 30V and 60A in two different channels. For higher applied current, the channels can be internally connected in parallel so the total current reaches 120A which is quite enough for almost any battery. The cycle can be setup with as many steps as necessary and repeated up to 65000 times.



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