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K. N. Toosi University of Technology


Dr.Hasan Ghasemzadeh
Associate Professor


No. Year Title
1 2008 Numerical modeling of fractured rock masses using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA)
2 2009 Modling of hyraulic fracturing tests results in order to determine in situ stresses
3 2009 Ground / Tunnel Lining Interaction with Considering Water Pressure Around Tunnel
4 2009 Formulation of Air Quality and Pollutants Dispersion Model for Imam Khomeini Port Petrochemical Complex
5  2010 Modeling of masonry infilled frame using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis
6 2010 GPR Results Analysis Using Wavelets
7 2010 Computing   the mechanical properties of composite reinforced with carbon nanotube  
8 2010 Evaluation of bearing capacity of rocks using limit analysis method  
9 2010 Modeling of pile groups in offshore platforms
10 2010 Estimation of static bearing capacity of piles from driving results
11 2010 Study of effects of oil contamination on the stability of clayey base of storage tanks
12 2010 Investigation on Effectiveness of Soil Vapor Extraction in Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
13 2010 Evaluation of behavior of pre-damaged concrete shear walls against earthquake
14 2011 Investigation on influence of soil properties on transport of Escherichia coli in soil
15 2011 Acid sulfuric effect on soil's strength parameters
16 2012 Studying inhomogeneity effects  on wave propagation in unsaturated rock by theory of  porous media
17 2012 Modelling of Surface Subsidence due to Tunnelling using numerical method and InSAR technique
18 2012 Remediation of gasoline contaminated soil by soil washing method
19 2012 Pile behaviour investigation with physical modelling 
20 2012 Investigation of mechanical properties of unsaturated contaminated soils by oil contamination
21 2012 Evaluation of Ground Settlement due to Karaj Metro Tunnel Excavation using Numerical Methods with Special Reference to Geotechnical Instrumentation Data
22 2012  
23 2012 Effects of surface blast on tunnel in unsaturated multi-layer soils
24 2012 Numerical simulation of batter  pile group and determining interaction of piles
25 2012 Investigation on the effect of different parameters of soil on the tunnel design

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