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K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Reza Ebrahimi

Professional Experiences

Design and construction of a 10 kW porous Burner.

Development of the SOLID MOTOR code for design and optimization of solid motors.

Design and construction of a gas flow meter calibrator.

Design and construction of vacuum pressure gage calibrator.

Development of a 1D code and modification of a 2D code for simulation of supersonic reacting flow with non-equilibrium chemistry.

Design and commissioning of combustion instability laboratory.

Cooperation on the commissioning of data acquisition system of combustion instability laboratory.

Design and construction of a two dimensional transparent wall liquid engine (L.E.)

Design of propellant feed system of a two dimensional L. E.

Design and construction of a variable length sub-scale L. E.

Development of the NONAC code for analysis of pipe network of cooling system (Heller system) of combined cycle power plant.

Development of the AERODYNAMIC HEATING code for analysis of aerodynamic heating.

Code development for mechanical design of shell and tube heat exchanger.