K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Systems and Control

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PhD Students:

  • Ensieh Nobakhti

    Ensieh Nobakhti

    Title: Multi Parameter Control for Complex Chaotic Systems via OGY Method

  • Mohsen Maboodi

    Mohsen Maboodi

    Title: Extension of NGMV for Performance Monitoring of Process Control Systems

  • Peyman Bagheri

    Peyman Bagheri

    Title: Tuning of Multivariable Model Predictive Control

  • Javad Rezvani Jalal

    Javad Rezvani Jalal

    Title: Stabilization and Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Unstable Switched Systems based on Dwell Time Concept

  • Mohammad Jahvani

    Mohammad Jahvani

    Title: Multiple Model Adaptive Control

  • Mojtaba Noori

    Mojtaba Noori Manzar

    Title: ---