K. N. Toosi University

Dr. Sadegh Shamlou


Conference Papers:

    o   A Novel Optimization Method to Economic Load dispatch. PSC-2000

    o   Squirrel Cage Three Phase Induction Motor Inductances with Modified Winding Function Method.  PSC-2003

    o   Improved Winding Function Theory for The Calculation of   Induction Machines Inductances, ICEMS 2004, Korea

    o   Electric machines Core Effects Modeling In Winding Function Theory, ICEE 2006 , Iran

    o   Using Improved Winding Function Theory and 2D Finite Element Method to Model Air-Gap Eccentricity in Induction Motors, ICEMS, 2006, Greece

    o   Unbalanced magnetic Pull Analysis in Three Phases Induction Machine Due to Eccentricity with Winding Function Method. PSC2006

Journal Papers:

o   Global Optimization of Reshaped Shaded Pole Induction Motors Based on Genetic Algorithm Method, International Review of Electrical Engineering (I.R.E.E.), Vol6, No 4, 2011

o   Dynamic Analysis of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Squirrel Cage Induction Motors by the Improved Winding Function Method, International Review of Modeling and Simulation (I.RE.MOS), Vol4, No 6, 2011

o   Design, Optimization, Analysis and Experimental Verification of a New Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Shaded Pole Motor, Accepted for IET Electric Power Applications,7th august 2012