Dr. M. Shariyat

Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Contact Addresses

  Teaching & Research Fields

  • Solid Mechanics.
  • Automotive Engineering.

  Specific Topics of Interest

  • Bending and Vibration Analyses of Beams, Plates, and Shells.
  • Buckling and Postbuckling of The Plates and Shells, Under Hygro/Thermo/Electro/Magneto/Mechanical loads.
  • Behavior of Composite, FGM, Piezoelectric, Magnetostrictive, Poroelastic, Hyperelastic, Auxetic, and Shape Memory Alloy Structures.
  • Classical and Coupled Theories of Thermoelasticity and Diffusion.
  • Modern Theories of Plates and Shells.
  • Non-linear Mechanics.
  • Impact Mechanics and Wave Propagation.
  • Integer-Order and Fractional-Order Viscoelastcity.
  • Fatigue Life Assessment of The Isotropic and Composite Components, Under Random Non-Proportional Loading Conditions.
  • Mathematical and Computational Methods in Mechanics.
  • DQM, FEM, BEM, and XFEM Analyses.
  • Random Vibration.
  • Thermoelastic, Plastic, and Creep Analyses.
  • Nano and Bio Nano Technology.
  • Vehicle Body Design and Analysis.
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Chassis Systems.
  • NVH Analysis.
  • CAD-CAM & CAE.

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