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Dr. Tavakol Pakizeh

K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Professional Experiences



Bionanophotonics, Applied Physics,

Chalmers University of Tech.Gothenburg, Sweden

Post-Doc Research Associate



Iran Telecom Research Center.Tehran, Iran

Research Assistant:

􀂃 Optical switches in all optical networks.

􀂃 Simulation of optical directional coupler using FD-BPM.

􀂃 Analysis of multi-layer optical fibers in order to control the dispersion.

􀂃 Study of the special optical fiber applications in optical telecomm.

􀂃 Study of numerical methods to analysis of the optical devices.

􀂃 Transmission of IP traffic over WDM/OTN networks: Requirements and developments.



K. N. Toosi Univ. of Tech. Tehran, Iran


􀂃 Electromagnetism

􀂃 Nano-optics & nano-photonics

􀂃 Microwave-I & Microwave-Lab.

􀂃 Photonics

􀂃 Filter and synthesis of circuits