K.N.Toosi U. of Tech.

Karim Abbaszadeh
Office: Elec. Eng. Dep. K. N. University, Seyed Khandan, Shariaty Str.

P.O.BOX: 16315-1355 Tehran, Iran

Phone Number: +98 (21) -84062324
FAX Number: 21-84062066
E-mail Address: Abbaszadeh@kntu.ac.ir
Professional Interests
Distributed Energy Systems; Wind Mills, Micro turbine, Solar
Numerical techniques in electrical machine modeling,
Simulation techniques such as finite elements analysis, Pspice,
Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric machinery,
Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles traction motor drives,
Power converters for electric machines including resonant inverters,
Auxiliary power generators,
Novel electric machines for different applications,
Sensorless electric motor drive.