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K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Alireza Salehi
MSc, MSc, PhD, Senior Member IEEE, Member InstP
Professor of Nanoelectronics

Research Interests

My current research interests are design and fabrication of semiconductor devices, especially non-porous and porous Si- and III-V semiconductor devices. Moreover, I am working on transparent conductors as opto-electronic devices and my students have done research on different detectors and transistors with various semiconductor materials under my supervision.


A) PhD Projects


                Some selected PhD projects supervised by myself

1.     Design and fabrication porous-solid state gas sensors and investigation on porosity effects, 2006

2.     Design and fabrication of MOS- and MESFET selective gas sensors, 2008

3.     Test of high power electromagnetic’ effects on simple electronic circuits and their failure analysis, 2010

4.     Design and fabrication of a new magnetic tunnelling transistor gas sensor (MTT-GS) using nanolayers based on spintronics, 2011



B)  MSc Projects

During the last few years I supervised more than 35 MSc projects.