The DOS computational research lab has been established in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) to support the graduate students and researchers who are interested in the applications of advanced numerical methods in the solution of engineering design problems. From 2006, the year of establishment, the lab has actually been dedicated to advanced studies in numerical computations. Looking at the relatively mature status and well established methods in CFD , the objectives of the research in the DOS lab are to promote the use, enhance the performance of currently available and also to develop new efficient numerical algorithms in CFD applicable in the formulation and solution of engineering design problems. To achieve these goals, the DOS lab welcomes cooperation at the national and/or international levels. Alongside the research in the computational front, experimental studies are also conducted in the DOS experimental research lab. A more descriptive name for the research lab which covers both the twin labs, i.e. computational and experimental, is DCATOS lab. More information regarding the members, facilities and projects can be obtained from the lab website.
DOS: Design of Optimum Systems
CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics
DCATOS: Design and Construction of Aero-Thermodynamically Optimum Systems

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