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  Barahman Movassagh

    Professor of Organic Chemistry

   Department of Organic Chemistry

    K. N. Toosi University of Technology

    P.O. Box: 16315-1618 Tehran, Iran


   Education :

   1) B. Sc. in Chemistry (1980), Razi University, Kermanshah,  Iran.

   2)Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry (1983), University of Birmingham,

      Birmingham, England; working with Prof. William Brian Jennings;

      title of Ph.D. thesis:

           An NMR investigation of the structure and dynamic process

          of some organo-nitrogen compounds.


   Experience :

  1)  Honorary Research Fellow ( 20-2-84 to 31-5-84 ), University of Birmingham, England.

  2)  Postdoctoral Research Associate (1988-90), University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas , U.S.A.

  3)  Assistant Prof. of Org. Chem. (1984-88, and 1990-99), Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran;

       Associate Prof. of Org. Chem. (1999- Feb. 2001) , Razi University.

  4)  Teaching different B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses in chemistry, including: Org. Chem. 1, 2 & 3; Phy. Org.

       Chem.; Org. Spectroscopy; Photochem.; Adv. Org. Chem.; Heterocyclic Chem.; Adv. Spec.; Org.


  5)  Graduating 37 M.Sc. graduate students since 1997 and 2 Ph. D. students; currently having 2 M.Sc.

       and 5 Ph.D. students.

  6)  Finished 5 applied and industrial projects: a) Grinding aids in cements and their role in reduction of

      energy consumption of iranian cement factories; b) Extraction of lanolin from wool grease; c)

      Economic bleaching of persian sheep wool; d) Production of several types of black toners in pilot

      scale (a national project supported by the government); e) Production of Amantadine drug on

      pilot scale (supported by ministry of industries & Mining)

  7)  a) Written two textbooks in Persian: " Spectroscopy : FT-NMR , ESR, and Raman " & " Physical

      Organic Chemistry" ;  b)Translating 4 chemistry textbooks from English into Persian ("Introduction to

      Spectroscopy" 1st. & 2nd. Edition, By: Pavia, Lampman & Kriz; "Organic Synthesis", By: S.

      Warren; "Organic Experiments", By: Fieser). c) Written a Chapter (Chapter 3) titled: "Nucleophilic

      Selenium: Nucleophilic Substitution" , in an E-book titled: "Organoselenium Chemistry: Between

      Synthesis and Biochemistry",Editor: Claudio Santi, Ch. 2 pp 61-93 (2014) by Bentham Science Publishing Co.