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Ph. D. Students


1. K. Gharanjig (June 2007)

Synthesis and investigation of dyeing properties of novel disperse dyes with hydrolysable in alkali media.

*contributed as 2nd Supervisor


2. A. Tehrani Bagha (2007)

Synthesis and Characterization of gemini cationic surfactants and some of their applications in textile processing.

*contributed as 2nd Supervisor


3. M. Soleiman-Beigi (Januaray 2009)

Synthesis of Organo Sulfur Compounds, Organic Sulfides, (mono, di and tri) Thiocarbonates and Thiocarbamates.


4. M. Navidi ( September 2013)

Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Activation of Terminal Alkynes.


5. A. Yousefi (June 2014)

Developing New Routes In the Chemistry of Organochalcogenes.


MSc Studensts


1. K. Atrak (2002)

Direct Conversion of Trimethylsilyl and Tetrahydropyranyl Ethers into Esters in the Presence of Montmorillonite K-10.


2. F. Mirshojaei (2002)

Conversion of Thioamides to Amides in the Presence of Montmorillonite K-10 and Iodosylbenzene and Synthesis of Selenol-Esters From Diselenides.


3. A. Mossadegh (2003)

Synthesis of Organic Sulfides from Disulfides Using Zn/AlCl3 and Synthesis of Disulfides from Thiols in the Presence of Iodosylbenzene.


4. M. Shamsipoor (2004)

Reductive Cleavage of the Se-Se Bond in the Presence of a Zn/AlCl3 System: Synthesis of Selenol Esters, Selenides and β-Hydroxy Selenides.


5. S. Shokri (2005)

Synthesis of Nitriles from Aldehydes and Aldoximes Using Potassium Fluoride Doped on Alumina & Synthesis of Sulfonate Esters from Protected Alcohols in the Presence of FeCl3-montmorillonite K-10 clay.


6. Y. Zakinezhad (2005)

Formation of Thiocarbamtes and β-Ketosulfides from Disulfides and Synthesis of Thio Esters from N-Acyl Phthalimide and Mercaptans.


7. P. Shaygan (2006)

Synthesis of β-Keto Sulfides without Solvent and Reagent and Synthesis of Thio Esters from Carboxylic Acids and Thiols with TBTU.


8. E. Dahaghin (2006)

Oxidative Cleavage of C-N and C-O Bonds in the Presence of Calcium Hypochlorite and Moist Montmorillonite K-10.


9. A. Fazeli (2006)

Synthesis of Selenoformates and Selenides by Reductive Cleavage of Diselenides and Synthesis of Nitriles from Reaction of Aldehydes with Oxalyl Chloride.


10. M. Tavoosi (2006)

Synthesis of Carbamates from Chloroformates and Organosilicon Compounds and Synthesis of Thiocarbonates from Chloroformates and Disulfides in the Presence of Zn/AlCl3 System.


11. A. Tatar (2007)

Michael Addition of Zinc Selenolates to Conjugated Alkenes, and Synthesis of Selenoformates via Reductive Clevage of Diselenides in the Presence of Zn/ AlCl3 and Zn/RuCl3 and One-pot Deprotection-Oxidation of Thiol Esters in the Presnece of Iodine.


12. H. Gorji (2007)

β-Hydroxy Sulfides Synthesis from Epoxides in Water in the Presnece of L-Proline as Catalyst and β-Ketosulfides Synthesis via Thia Michael  Reaction in Water in the Presence of Thriethylamine as Catalyst.



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