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Faculty of Industrial Engineering

Research Interests

When you take master degree, you are required to take seminar course at the beginning of the second semester and it is compulsory. This course is designed to give students practical tips on thesis writing as well as a forum for students to present their thesis. It will give students an opportunity to learn about a research area and also about how to do research.  You should choose a supervisor for your seminar for master’s thesis preparation only if the supervisor approve. A supervisor will be appointed by the academic staff connected to the Master’s program in Information Technology. Supervision is a crucial component in the preparation of the thesis. The supervisor is to assist the student when he or she is acquiring the necessary and relevant knowledge, as well as, when collecting and analyzing data. The supervisor must ensure that the student’s research activity is based upon accepted ethical practices.
I am interested in students who are hard-working and self-motivated, and particularly those who have the goal of continuing on with doctoral studies. I encourage interested students to visit my CV and publications and students at my personal website https://wp.kntu.ac.ir/hosseini/index.html. If you think you are a good fit, please send me a short CV and short statement of interest that describes who you are, your research interests, and contact me before the new semester's beginning.
My research interests includes (but not limited to):

  • Customer data analytics: the systematic examination of a company's customer information and customer behavior to identify, attract and retain the most profitable customers, methodologies, systems and processes used to analyze customer data.
  • Social Media Analytics: a part of social analytics is the process of gathering data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and processing into structured insights leading to more information-driven business decisions and increased customer centrality for brands and businesses.
  • Customer Value Analytics: turning data into insights, into decisions, into business value. It is focused on business and top-line growth, and is – by default – at the heart of our clients' digital and customer-centric strategies.
  • Marketing optimization: Mathematical modeling of market and customer's behavior. The process of improving the marketing efforts of an organization in an effort to maximize the desired business outcomes (is suitable for both IT and Industrial engineering master’s students)
  • Other topics: Latest cutting edge research trends, theories, and techniques in e-commerce and information technology.


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