Department of Systems and Control,

K. N. Toosi University of Technology


MSc. Students















Hossein Karimian (2015)

Soft Sensor Design for Characteristics Estimation of Turbochargers and Spark Ignition Engines

Nasrin Majidi (2015)

Improvement of Noise Rejection Performance of Extended Kalman Filter based Fuzzy Algorithms in the Presence of Colored Noise in Mobile Robots

Hamed Hashemi (2015)

Wind Turbine Performance Assessment using Generalized Minimum variance index via Data-Based Method

Omid Ahmadzadeh (2015)

Applications of Reinforcement Learning and Dynamic Programming In Competitive Power Markets

Amirmasoud Keshtkar (2015)

Wind Turbine DFIG Performance Assessment using Generalized Minimum Variance Index via Model-Based Methods

MohammadSadegh Akhyani (2015)

Optimal Glucose-Insulin Regulatory System in Type1 Diabetic Patients Based on the Nonlinear Time Delay Models

Fatemeh Mohammadian (2015)

Optimal Production Planning using Nero-Fuzzy Modeling

Farhad Haghighi (2015)

Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator In Wind Turbine System By Feedback Erorr Learning

Vahid Mohammadnejad (2015)

Networked Control System Design and Implementation for Servo Hydro Motor with Unknown Delay

Ali Hashemi (2014)

Stabilization of Switched Multi Agent Systems with All Unstable Subsystems via Optimal Control

Sahra Karimi (2014)



 Detection and Location in Gas Pipelines through Estimation Techniques

Zeinab Gilani (2014)

Data- based Fault Diagnosis System Design for Wind Turbines

Mohammad Amereh (2014)

Signal Based Fault Detection in Wind Turbines




Amirhossein Hosseinpour

 Optimal Control of  Wind Turbine for /in  High Speed Operating Region (of Wind) By Estimating of Wind Characteristics

Javad Ravan (2014)

Nonlinear modeling and control of wind turbine with permanent magnet synchronous generator based on stochastic optimal feedback control

Amir Momtahen (2014)

Optimal Portfolio Selection based on the Estimation of the Probability Density Function of each Share and Value at Risk Indicators

Mahsa Shahgholian (2014)

Mobile Robot Position Estimation Using Combined Fuzzy Logic and Extended Kalman Filter

Esmat Jamshidi (2013)

Optimal Portfolio Selection Based on Risk and Return Estimation Approach

Raheleh Shahrokhi (2013)

Optimal Portfolio Selection Based on Estimation of Distribution  Algorithms

Mahsa Rajabi (2013)

Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization for Portfolio Management with Real-world Constraints

Babak Ebrahimi Lame (2013)

Design of Stable Adaptive Controller with Disturbance Rejection for Systems with Input Saturation

Reza Babazadeh (2013)

Nonlinear Modeling and Optimal Control of Electric-Hybrid Vehicle

Reza Safaee 

SDRE controller design of of Doubly-fed Induction Generator in Wind Energy Conversion System

Amir Barikbinan (2012)

Optimal Tuning of Fractional PI Controllers for First Order Time- delay Systems

Hossein Mohammadi

Subspace Identification Method for Fault Detection and Isolation (Diagnosis) in Heat Recovery Boiler

Navid Heidari 

Worst Case Conditional Value at Risk with Appilcations to Portfolio Managment in Tehran Stock Exchange

Monireh Mirnezami

Impulsive synchronization of Lorenz chaotic dynamical system with capability of unknown bounded disturbance rejection

Saeed Yusefi

State Dependent Riccati Equations and Observer- Based Disturbance Control

Roya Jalali

Stability of Networked Control System controller

Mansoureh Ahmadian

Material Selection in powder Metallurgy Processes and Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Final Product Using Neuro-Fuzzy Model

Behnaz Babaghorbani

Software Monitoring and Identification Techniques for Gas Pipelines Leak

Ghazal GhayemPic

Fuzzy Controller Design of a Single Shaft Heavy Duty Industrial Gas Turbine

Amirhossein Fathi

Tuning of PID Controllers Parameters using PSO Optimization Method

Atie Keshavarz

Stochastic Controller Design for Minimizing Queue Length Variance in TCP/AQM Networks

Iman Yousefi

Fault Tolerance

Rozita Zeinodin

Designing of Output and State Feedback Controller for Reactive Power in Wind

Farms Equipped with DFIG

Mahan Mahrueyan

State Dependent Riccati Equations

Hodjat Rahmati

Maneuvering Target Tracking- Noise Equivalent Approach

Sadegh Rajabi

Nonlinear Identification

Ahmad Esfandiari

Machine Learning in Parliament Elections




Mohammad Reza Rajati

Fuzzy Logic, Computing with Words, Neural Networks, System Theory

Ramezan Paravi Torghabeh

Information Theory, Statistical Learning and Signal Processing, Control System Theory

Salman Baromand

Covariance Control of Stochastic Systems

Maryam Gholamhossein 

Automotive Radar Data Filtering Approach for Adaptive Cruise Control Systems 

Mojtaba Hakimi Moghadam

Revision on the Frequency Domain Conditions for Strict Positive Realness

Hassan Fatehi Marj

Chaotic Time Series Modeling and Forecasting

Dariush Biazar

VHDL Fuzzy Controller Design by Neural Defuzzifier

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